UK charge network

Extra Funding Announced for the UK Charging Network

This summer, the Transport Secretary announced an additional £2.5 million toward the UK charging network. The funds will focus on building infrastructure for drivers that do not have access to off-street parking.

The additional funds will towards the installation of over£1,000 new charge points, supporting the on-street residential chargepoint scheme which was launched in 2017. The scheme is designed to help local authorities to install on-street charge points for their residents. These charge points have the added convenience of being built into existing structures, such as lampposts.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“It’s fantastic that there are now more than 20,000 publicly accessible chargepoints and double the number of electric vehicle chargepoints than petrol stations, but we want to do much more. It’s vital that electric vehicle drivers feel confident about the availability of chargepoints near their homes, and that charging an electric car is seen as easy as plugging in a smartphone. That’s why we are now doubling the funding available for local authorities to continue building the infrastructure we need to super-charge the zero emission revolution – right across the country.”

The scheme is designed to make electric-driving even more convenient for future-focussed drivers. Zap-Map is a fantastic resource to find your nearest charge point. Additionally, the new Mercedes-Benz EQC features smart navigation, which will set charging-stops along your route to ensure that you reach your destination.

Zap-Map charging

The move is an important step on the country’s journey to Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Mercedes-Benz is proud to be part of the future by committing to producing a fully electrified range by 2022.

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