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Meet the Team: Dave Rogerson, Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz Plymouth

This month we meet another member of the Mercedes-Benz South West team, Dave Rogerson, Sales Manager at our Plymouth site. Dave’s full of life, and his positive and cheery personality is infectious to both colleagues and customers. In this video, Dave explains why he’s in the sales industry, what attracted him to Mercedes-Benz South West, and (most importantly) what topping he loves on his pizza.

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Interview Highlights

Q: How would people describe you?

A: That’s a good question! I think if you were to ask everybody I’m sure everybody would have their own description of me. Some, you would never know if they were serious or not, but I’d like to think that everybody would have a collective opinion of me that would come out as an equal read. I like to get on with everybody, I like to make everybody feel part of the team, and I think I get out of people what I give to them, things like honesty and integrity, and I see that back.

Q: What attracted you to Mercedes-Benz South West?

A: I ended up having about six or seven different interviews with different people before I finally got my job at Mercedes-Benz South West as the Sales Manager of Plymouth. They’re a great company that are genuinely family owned and run, and that feeling just echoes throughout the business everywhere. You would never talk to somebody, I certainly haven’t, where they would not give an honest opinion about the company. Everybody likes being there, everybody likes working there, and to me that is fairly non-existent in a lot of places now particularly in the motor trade so I feel privileged to work for Mercedes-Benz South West. I see this as my final job, so you’ll have to drag me out!

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