Keighly Kerr

Meet the Team: Keighly Kerr, New Car Stock Controller

Welcome to our September installment of Meet the Team. This month we’re speaking with Keighly Kerr who has recently been appointed the role of New Car Stock Controller for the Mercedes-Benz South West Fleet team. In this edition we learn about Keighly’s most memorable day at work and the trip on her bucket list.

Tell us a bit about yourself Keighly: I graduated from Plymouth University in 2017 with a degree in Psychology. I was unsure what I wanted to do next so my sister in law set me up with an interview at Mercedes-Benz South West and I’ve been with the Fleet team ever since!

Where are you from? Devon born and raised. I grew up in Bovey Tracey but moved to Exeter after graduating.

How long have you been working at Mercedes-Benz South West? Almost 4 years now!

Favourite Mercedes-Benz model? (old or new) The G Wagon in black, just like the Kardashians.

Most memorable day at work you’ve ever had? Being offered the role of Stock Controller, it was a surprise but a very exciting opportunity!

Have you always been in the motor trade? What did you do before? This is my first job in the motor trade and also my first job since graduating. I had summer jobs working at a Children’s Holiday Club, in retail and at Heatree Activity Centre.

Favourite part of the job? The people. Mercedes-Benz South West Fleet has an amazing team and atmosphere and I love speaking with the retail sites on the phone.

What’s your favourite animal? Do you have any pets? Orangutans, I have so much love for them and donate to the WWF orangutan fund every month. My sister has two cats which I like to say are my pets too but I only actually like one of them!

Best holiday you’ve ever been on? I spent two weeks travelling around Croatia. I started in Zagreb and travelled down to Zadar with lots of stops on the way. Such a beautiful country.

How many attempts did it take you to pass your driving test? To everyone’s surprise just once!

Which radio station are you listening to when you drive? Either Radio 1 or an audio book.

Favourite place to visit in the South West? I like to be beside the water with a pub nearby. Anywhere with a chance of paddle boarding or attempting to surf is a bonus.

Favourite Film? Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Step Brothers.

Favourite Band/Artist? Little Mix.

First concert you ever went to? S Club 7 in 2002 with a special appearance from S Club Juniors!

Tipple of choice? Gin and lemonade.

What would be your Karaoke song? My friends and I have done some fabulous performances of Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

If the world ends tomorrow, what would you choose as your last meal? Got to be a Sunday Roast.

What’s at the top of your bucket list? I would love to go to Borneo to visit the orangutans.

What are you most looking forward to this year? I’m going to see Six the Musical in November which I booked two years ago. It was delayed due to lockdown and then I had to cancel last month when my house mate had Covid. Fingers crossed I make it this time!

Finally… Jam then cream, or cream then jam? Cream then Jam (A regular debate in my office!)