The best features for driving for work

If you and your team rely on driving for work, then your vehicle needs to work as hard as you do. Whether you’ve been driving a Mercedes-Benz for work for a long time, or you’re on the hunt for something new; here’s how a Mercedes-Benz can drive your business forward.


Mercedes-Benz Driving Assistance Packages become particularly vital for those racking up mileage by driving for work.  Our driving features help to combat tiredness and distraction by the vehicle understanding the roads as well as you do.

Driving for work - safety features

  • Active Lane Keeping Assist:This handy feature alerts the driver with a vibration on the steering wheel whenever you are drifting across lanes. This is particularly useful for those who do a lot of motorway journeys or regularly drive abroad.
  • ATTENTION ASSIST: This feature is designed to monitor the steering behaviour of the driver. It will observe typical signs of attention loss and drowsiness, and recommend breaks based on these patterns.
  • Active Brake Assist: Using radar and camera data, Active Brake Assist detects signs of potential collisions. The vehicle first warns the driver with a visual and audio alert. If the driver applies the brake, the vehicle will intelligently apply the correct pressure to avoid a collision. If there is no driver intervention, the vehicle will use autonomous braking to slow down.


When your employees are driving for work, you want to make sure that their time is being used as effectively as possible. Mercedes-Me has a number of time saving features which will not only maximise company hours, but also reduce stress levels.

Driving for work- Connected Drive

  • The Send 2 Car and Live Traffic features guarantee a smooth journey. Send navigation details to the car via the app to pre-programme your sat-nav destination. The Live Traffic feature keeps you up to date and will re-route if necessary to minimise delays.
  • Use the Remote Vehicle Status to check your fuel levels remotely and plan your fuel stops. This feature also enables you to check coolant and washer fluid levels, whether or not your windows/sun-roof are closed and if you’ve put the handbrake on.
  • Having a remote workforce can be difficult to keep track of. The Vehicle Tracker feature shows the location of your vehicles so you can have a proper understanding of their movements
  • Geofencing is a particularly useful Mercedes-Me tool for Fleet Managers. You can set up your own geofences in order to receive live updates from your vehicles, as well as notifications if they go out of range.


Employers focusing on employee well-being are reaping the benefits in a healthier workforce and increased staff retention. Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of services that will help keep your staff comfortable while driving for work.  

Driving for work - Comfort Drive

  • Booking your company vehicles in for an Air Conditioning Refresh will ensure that your car is prepared for the summer heat. This comprehensive service includes a refrigerant refill and will provide a cool summer for employees.
  • Mercedes-Benz comfort technology is second to none. Our latest models offer a variety of comfort packages, which enable a more comfortable journey and aid concentration. The Comfort Seat Package provides optimal driving ergonomics, while the ENERGIZING package syncs with a wearable device to create the most effective cabin environment.
  • Plug in variants of our vehicles can also benefit from Pre-Climate Control. Utilising Mercedes-Me technology, the climate of the vehicle can be pre-set so that the car is the perfect temperature at the moment the driver gets in. No more opening the door to a sweltering sauna, your car can be cool and ready to go.

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