The Mercedes-Benz South West experience.

My convertible and me.

Meet Mrs East; speed fanatic, South West explorer and long-term Mercedes-Benz customer.

A true lover of convertibles, Mrs East has previously owned a Honda S2000, a Mazda MX5 and no less than four Mercedes-Benz SLKs. In May 2016, she furthered this passion by taking home a Mercedes-Benz SLC soon after its release in spring of the same year. Her model of choice: the SLC 250d AMG Line in Brilliant Blue Metallic.

Mrs East and her Mercedes-Benz SLC

An icon.

The SLC is a revamped and restyled version of the SLK, its iconic predecessor. Arriving twenty years after the introduction of the first SLK, the SLC is recognisable for the athletic styling and exceptional performance for which the range has become known.

I was attracted to the SLC having previously owned SLKs. The updates to the model, particularly the dynamic drive select options and the new body style, were influential as was the quality of service I have received in the past.

Inside and out.

New DYNAMIC SELECT puts a range of driving modes at the driver’s disposal and allows them to change this according to their mood. From Comfort and Eco options to Sport, Sport+ and Individual, each mode adjusts parameters such as steering and transmission to create a distinct motoring experience. Meanwhile, the new Sports Exhaust System lets you tailor acoustics for maximum excitement.

My driving requirements are varied as I need a car that suits both my working and home life. I have to undertake long motorway journeys for work and therefore want comfort and safety. However, for days out around the South West and for more leisurely journeys I want something fun with great looks! I love that you can either really drive the SLC or relax depending on your mood or journey.

Exterior highlights include a dramatic new front section, featuring larger air intakes, a restyled bumper and apron, and expressive new-look headlamps. Meanwhile the rear boasts redesigned wings, taillights, bumper and tailpipes.

Mrs East and her Mercedes-Benz SLC
The essentials.

My preference is a hardtop convertible to take advantage of the vagrancies of the English weather and I need a big enough boot for luggage for weekends away. For comfort, the heated seats, air scarf and wind protector all make a difference. Solid doors, airbags and solid braking all help to make you feel secure and safe.

Designed to cater for all driving environments and to provide maximum comfort with the top-down, the SLC combines style, technology and luxury with an exemplary driving performance. Not just a pretty face!

Thank you, Mrs East, for taking the time to tell us about your own experiences.