Our Guide to Sustainable Driving

A modern conundrum – you know that transport can cause harmful emissions, yet you still need to get from A to B. However, there are a number of choices and changes that you can make to reduce the impact of your driving. Read on for our ultimate guide to sustainable driving.

Hybrid engines

There is no doubt that the future of car production is pointing toward electric. The British Government have committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, with some calls to bring this deadline forward. Choosing the most environmentally friendly engine for your driving and life styles is an easy way to take ownership of your personal carbon emissions. Read our blog on the future of diesel engines.

Mercedes-Benz hybrid

Our range of plug-in hybrids combine the power of a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine with the efficiency of electric technology. In our latest release, the C200de hybrid, CO2 emissions range from 38 – 42g per km, which not only holds environmental benefits, but will also reduce your running costs.

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Mercedes-Benz’s outstanding vehicle technology helps to provide the optimal driving condition for your car, and opting for an automatic transmission may help to make your driving more sustainable. Driving in the wrong gear can increase your fuel consumption, as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle. The latest Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission not only optimises efficiency but will also improve your pulling power for a fantastic driving experience.

Vehicle Maintenance

Taking good care of your vehicle will ensure that the engine is performing to keep emissions low. A Mercedes-Benz South West Service Plan guarantees top quality care for your vehicle. In addition to other products it includes free of charge oil top ups, puncture repairs and courtesy car. Learn more about our Service Plans.

Vehicle Maintenance

DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes

Each Mercedes-Benz model features a range of driving modes. Most feature Comfort, Sport, Individual and ECO, with some additions for SUV and AMG variants. The ECO drive mode utilises ECO Start/Stop as well as adjusting climate control, comfort features, and gear change points, to increase fuel efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz Mug

Coffee Cups

The latest Mercedes-Benz  models all feature cup holders which are perfect to store your morning caffeine hit. Instead of using a cup with a non-recyclable lid at the coffee shop, choose a reusable coffee mug. Most cafes also offer a discount on your drink if you take your own mug. We have a range of stylish Mercedes-Benz thermo mugs which keep drinks warm for four hours, and are 100% sealed to avoid any spillages.

Explore our range of new models to find the right Mercedes-Benz for you.