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Smart car safety

One thing we all worry about is safety, especially in our cars. Although it is well known for its fuel efficiency and its nimbleness around town, the smart range suffers the misconception as other cars within the supermini division, in terms of perceived safety. So here at smart South West we have taken a look at all the safety features available for the smart range, many of which come as standard.

The main smart car safety features are:

  • Tridion Safety cell – Made of high-tech steels and will encase passengers like a hard shell of a nut.
  • Airbags – These are a legal requirement in every vehicle. Smart comes with 5 as standard.
  • Crosswind assist – Aids the driver in the event of sudden gusts of wind. Course-correcting brake intervention with esp.
  • Hill start assist – this prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when moving off on a hill.
  • Cruise control with limiter – Cruise control enables you to set a cruising speed of your choice. In addition, a maximum speed can be set with the limiter.
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution) – The system prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking.
  • ESP (electronic stability programme) – Can prevent accidents caused by swerving.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system – If the value falls below a level relevant to safety, a warning lamp in the instrument cluster lights up.

Tridion Safety Cell

Additional smart car safety features: – these are optional on all models

  • Forward collision warning function with visual and audible warning – If an insufficient safety distance is detected a warning lamp lights up in the instrument cluster. If the distance becomes critical with a risk of collision there is also an acoustic warning.
  • Lane keeping assist – an attentive passenger that helps prevent you from leaving your lane unintentionally.
  • Crash sensor for activation of hazard warning lights – When the airbags are triggered in an accident the crash sensor automatically activates the hazard warning lights.
  • Rear parking assistance – the parking aid facilitates manoeuvring and helps to avoid annoying damage.
  • Rear view camera – the camera makes reversing into a parking space easier and safer.

smart airbag system

With all these features designed specifically for your safety, comfort and driving ease, why wouldn’t you choose smart.

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