TAKATA Airbags

TAKATA Front Airbags Safety Recall: What Do We Need To Know?

There is currently a worldwide safety recall of TAKATA front airbags that are affecting certain Mercedes-Benz models. You may have lots of questions about whether your car is affected or next steps if you need to book in for a recall. We’ve listed out all you need to know.

What vehicles are affected?

Certain A-/C-/E-/ML-/GL-/R-Class, GLK, SLK and SLS AMG vehicles produced between 2004 – 2016.

How do you know if your car is affected?

If your car is impacted, you will receive a letter from Mercedes-Benz Cars UK Limited (MBC UK) advising that your car is affected by this recall, and to contact your local dealership. In the meantime, you can use the VIN checker on: www.mercedes-benz.co.uk/passengercars/being-an-owner/total-recall/start.module.html.

Can you continue to drive your car?

Yes. There is no immediate risk to you. Currently the airbags are not operating as designed in certain climatic conditions in high humidity countries with high temperatures. There are no recorded incidents of airbag failure in the UK or Europe so you can continue to use your car as required until you are able to get the recall completed.

When will the recall campaign be launched?

Customers with models A-Class (169), C-Class (203), SLK (171), E-Class (212), R-Class (251) and M-Class (164) will receive a letter during August/September 2021 advising you to have the recall carried out.

Will all customers be contacted in August 2021?

No. The launch will take place in waves, starting with models A-Class (169), C-Class (203), SLK (171), E-Class (212), R-Class (251) and M-Class (164) in August 2021. Further models are expected to be launched by the end of 2021, with remainder in 2022. The recall will be performed gradually, starting with the oldest vehicles of the potentially affected model years.

What should you do if you receive a letter asking you to have this recall performed?

You should contact your local dealership to request that the recall is carried out, quoting your car’s VIN number and the recall reference code (SRPC xxxx), both of which can be found in your letter. The letter will advise you that there is a lead-time to order the airbag (which is specific to each car) of 2-3 weeks.

Where can you expect to have the recall work completed?

On receipt of your recall letter, you will be asked to contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for an appointment to complete the repair.

You have been contacted to have your driver’s airbag changed? Will you be called back to have the passenger airbag changed at a later date?

No. If you have been contacted about the driver’s airbag alone, you will not need to come back for the passenger airbag.  Those customers with cars needing both front airbags changed will be contacted at a later date to have both done at the same time.  Some cars may only need the passenger airbag changed.

Your SRS lamp is illuminated, what should you do?

An illuminated SRS lamp can be caused by numerous components or even low battery voltage. An authorised Retailer is best suited to diagnose and repair your car as soon as possible, if the SRS light is illuminated.

Will you incur any costs as a result of this recall?

The airbag replacement will be carried out free of charge.

What types of repairs or replacements are needed?

Mercedes-Benz South West will replace the affected driver-side and/or passenger-side airbag (depending on model) on the affected cars when parts become available.

How long does this replacement take?

The indicative workshop time is about 30 minutes (driver-side), and about two hours for the passenger-side airbag, depending on the model.

Are the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) aware of this?

Yes.  As with all safety recalls we are working closely with the DVSA.

If your vehicle is required to undergo a TAKATA front airbags safety recall, you will be contacted by Mercedes-Benz UK to let you know when you can book in with your local dealership. Please note due to the volume of enquiries, our response time on bookings is slightly delayed. We thank you for your patience.