Connect Business

The launch of Connect Business; a multi-marque telematics service

At the end of 2018 we launched a multi-marque telematics proposition, Connect Business. Available on a subscription basis, Connect Business was devised by Daimler as a means to provide continuous real-time vehicle analysis and maintenance data.

The system will offer a much broader telematics suite for businesses to access fleet information. Connectivity and data are increasingly big trends in the automotive industry and this progression depends on the link between automotive and information technology. Connect Business provides easy and convenient access, whether by phone or desktop, to vital vehicle information that will allow you to better-manage your fleet. The saving potential created by having easy access to this data will have a stark impact on businesses no matter of their size.

Tire pressure CB

There are four core Products and Services:

Digital driver’s log – This function can replace the driver’s manual logbook. It is designed to automatically collect all the driver’s trips and transfer them to a detailed list on the connect business portal.

Vehicle Logistics – You will always know the exact position of your vehicles and the distances they have travelled. Geofencing can be implemented and if one of your vehicles leaves the designated area you will be notified.

Driver Messaging – If you need to stay in touch with your drivers, now you can. You can now easily inform drivers on the vehicles upcoming service appointments and other events.

Vehicle Monitoring & Maintenance – You will be able to keep an eye on the vehicles status information and react to issues that could happen before they occur.

The following data points are available in Mercedes-Benz cars with the Connect Business Communication module (depending on the vehicle):

    • Mileage
    • Average speed
    • Distance covered
    • Fuel and remaining distance
    • Fuel consumption
    • Tyre pressure
    • Ignition status
    • Warning cooling liquid
    • Warning brake pad and brake fluid
    • Warning parking brake
    • Battery status
    • Disconnector for car battery
    • Status of doors, windows and load compartment
    • Status of front headlights and interior lighting
    • Running time of pre-heating
    • Language of head unit
    • Distance/days until next inspection

Connect Business could transform your business; with its vast variety of connectivity services and telematics products business managers are able to manage their fleet whilst on the go with real time data. If you would like to find out more, contact your Local Business Development Manager today.