What shape

What’s your perfect shape?

We are a fan of all vehicle shapes and sizes here at Mercedes-Benz. And while we certainly have no favourites, we know that vehicle usage and lifestyle will guide that all important decision for many of our customers.

Are you looking for space and practicality? Then an estate or saloon may be just what you’re looking for! Do you want to be prepared for all types of terrain? Then an SUV will be right up your street. Are head-turning good looks your number one priority? Then we’re sure you’ll adore a coupe or cabriolet.

However, if you’re not sure which body style is right for you, read on for a few pointers!

The Hatchback


Our hatchback range offers everything you’d expect from a Mercedes-Benz, only in compact proportions. When it comes to city driving they are one of the vehicles to have as you are able to manoeuvre and park with ease. They are also able to handle any long-range driving in their stride.

If a hatchback is right for you, check out the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and the soon-to-arrive B-Class.

The Saloon

All of our Saloon range combines exceptional four-door comfort and quality with outstanding performance and style. Our flagship saloon, the S-class, has set the standard for comfort and safety since its creation in 1972.

Saloons can be quieter than other ranges due to the boot being separate from the cabin. The longer profile also means they are more spacious so you can stretch out and relax on longer drives and can of course carry more luggage.

We have an all new Saloon arriving this year in the shape of the A-Class Saloon.

The Estate


Our range of Estate cars combine striking good looks with exceptional space. Though our Hatchbacks and Saloons offer large boot space, they don’t have the height and therefore the load space to compete with an Estate.

The Mercedes-Benz range includes the C-Class and E-Class.



Our SUV’s are stylish and spacious but are also designed to tackle any terrain. Some choose a 4X4 to prepare for winter driving but with Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC technology you are gifted optimum driving dynamism in any season.

With its larger, heavier frame you can feel safe inside its cabin no matter what is in store for the road ahead but also can travel in comfort with its taller seating. A great example of this is the GLE, with its newest variant arriving in just a few months’ time.

The Cabriolet


The Mercedes-Benz cabriolet range offers sheer power and elegance. While they may not offer the boot space like the rest of our range they do offer stylish open-air driving all year round. No matter of the outside temperature, AIRCAP and AIRSCARF technologies keep you warm and comfortable. At the push of a button the AIRCAP feature reduces air turbulence in the cabin, maintains better acoustics and acts as a draught stop. Combined with AIRSCARF which controls a warm arm flow from the vents in the front headrests, you can stay warm whatever the weather.

Cabriolets are available in the S-Class, C-Class and E-Class ranges.

The Coupe


Last but not least is the effortlessly stylish coupe; it is certainly a body style that turns heads with its sleek design and smooth lines. While often considered to be less practical due to restrictions in boot and rear seat space, modern coupes have developed to provide practicality and comfort without being at the expense of their iconic appearance. Electrically adjustable seats are designed to make getting in and out the vehicle a doddle.

Great examples of our premium coupes are the CLA coupe and CLS coupe.

Whichever shape is right for you, we will have the car to fit your needs. View our full range here.