New car

Why You Should Consider Buying a New Car

September celebrates a new plate month and you will now begin to spot many 71 plates out on the road. When it comes to changing your car, what are the benefits of deciding to go for something brand new over a used vehicle? We have highlighted some of the positives that come when choosing to purchase a brand new car.

Three Year Warranty

As a Mercedes-Benz owner, we hope you feel reassured by our reputation for reliable, high quality vehicles. However, to give you further peace of mind every brand new Mercedes-Benz vehicle sold through the Mercedes-Benz network comes with a comprehensive three year warranty.

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Lower Maintenance Costs

Having that three year warranty will also contribute towards lower maintenance costs. Being brand new, your vehicle is less likely to have any major problems and need extensive repairs. Taking advantage of incentives such as a Mercedes-Benz Service Plan also means your costs will be fixed for its duration. Taking out a Service Plan also gives you added bonuses such as oil top ups, software upgrades and puncture repairs – free of charge.

Latest Technologies

Buying a brand new car will also benefit from the advancement in vehicle technology. This is particularly prevalent in areas like safety and security. Important features such as blind spot assistance and active lane assist could prove to be a lifesaving addition to your car.

Areas such as fuel economy are also an added benefit to come from the advancement in technology.

No Previous Owners

Knowing you’re the first person listed as an owner of a car is an exciting feeling. Knowing exactly where your car has been and who has been driving it is an added bonus – you’ve got no previous owner’s history to worry about.

Thinking about buying a new car? Explore our model range to see which Mercedes-Benz is right for you or speak to a member of our sales team for further information on the vehicle of your choice.