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My Mercedes-Benz: Rod & Ness

08 Apr 2020
In a new series of 'My Mercedes-Benz' videos, we want to show the very best of our cars with real people. Your car is not just four wheels and an engine, it's an extension of your home. Earlier this year we meet Rod & Nes, whose Approved Used GLC 250d 4MATIC Sport doesn't just need to get them around - it also needs space for their two dogs and room for their pet parrot to see out of the window! [embed][/embed]

1)      You’ve owned several Mercedes-Benz, which one has been your favourite?

To tell you the truth - we loved them all. Probably the C-Class Estate was the most sensible car for us except that it is a wee bit low to get in and out of as we are not as agile as we were. As far as fun to drive it has to be the E-Class Cabriolet which we drove through Spain to Andalusia and back with the roof down!

2)      What made you choose the GLC as your latest Mercedes-Benz?

Four wheel drive and fuel economy. It does have everything we want in our car for everyday use such as DISTRONIC and a huge boot for the dogs, plus high enough back seat for our parrot to see out of the window!

3)      We’ve heard that you have some pets! How does your car help with being a pet owner?

The dogs have plenty of room in the boot and can get in and out easily. They are also able to see out of the window and can't get through to the back seat.

4)      What made you choose an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz?

We wanted to avoid the high car tax that comes with a brand new car. Plus, the Used GLC had everything we wanted.

5) Do you have any recommendations for new customers?

Yes, buy from Mercedes-Benz South West! We are delighted with the cars we have purchased with them. The service is second to none. The staff are friendly, patient and always go the extra mile to sort out any issues which occur usually from us not fully understanding the technology!

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