CWC Company Update September 2021

Good afternoon all and a warm welcome to this month’s staff update which features the latest updates from our business. Let’s get straight into it!

From a global perspective, the world continues to live with the pandemic and if it wasn’t for a chronic lack of New & Used car stock, would be looking remarkably rosy! With national employment levels now back to where they were before the advent of Covid-19, the new challenge for many businesses is recruitment with numerous vacancies across many sectors. We ourselves continue to be very short of staff in many departments – as can be witnessed by the keenness to encourage those we already employ to recommend those they know. With payments of between £750 – £1,000 per successful recruit, this represents a great opportunity to earn a little more money before Christmas so please do consider those you know for a career with MBSW. We would be keen to talk to them.

So on to our monthly performance. August often represents a challenging month – even in normal times – being just before a plate change and in the height of holiday season. Add a lack of stock into this mix and it gets really interesting! It was therefore great to witness even against these challenges, we had a successful month made only possible with a lot of hard work. Retail new car deliveries exceeded previous Augusts (despite the stock issues) and used cars also sold very well with strong unit numbers and exceptional margins at all sites. At Site 5, a lot of what the teams are selling currently, new car wise, is for delivery in the future so whilst the numbers delivered in the month remain difficult, we look forward to the time when these ordered units will be built and fulfilled. From a used car perspective, MBSW Online continues to gain traction and Tangelo also gave another solid performance.

On the aftersales side, the month was equally as strong – despite a lack of staff and also an insatiable breakdown demand seeing many of our roadside technicians keeping very busy due to the UK wide staycation. Our parts colleagues also had a great month with some very strong trade performances.

But of course now, being in the month of September and therefore against some big budgets, it’s all about what we can stimulate on new car demand (where supply is the issue) whilst keeping the used car sales going to partially make up for the new car shortfall. Not easy – but I know with their resolve, the sales teams on site will do their best in this supply-challenged market.

So thank you for your continued hard work – often I recognise in very difficult circumstances. I look forward to seeing you all on site soon.

All the best,