Mercedes-Benz Approved used

Fantastic prices with selected demonstrator cars.

Right now at Mercedes-Benz Southwest, we are offering amazing prices on selected approved used demonstrator cars. Demonstrator’s are perfect for anyone looking for an almost new car with very low mileage at a brilliant price.

Take a look at our full list of demonstrators below; or visit your local site to take one for a test drive today.


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Model Licence Plate List price* Sale Price* Saving*
GLC 220 d 4MATIC AMG Line Coupé WA18WRK £48,840 £40,995 £7,845
CLA 200 d Shooting Brake AMG Line WJ18VRW £37,775 £29,993 £7,782
E 220 d 4MATIC AMG Line Estate WA18WPV £49,320 £39,993 £9,327
E 350 d AMG Line Saloon WA18WVL £56,456 £44,995 £11,461
A 180 d Sport WF18WNW £30,410 £25,495 £4,915
C 220 d 4MATIC AMG Line Estate WG18ZGD £43,555 £33,895 £9,660
C 250 d 4MATIC AMG Line Saloon WG18ZGE £44,550 £33,983 £10,567
GLC 250 4MATIC AMG Line WG18ZGB £45,400 £37,993 £7,407
GLC 350 d 4MATIC AMG Line Coupé WG18ZGC £55,685 £46,993 £8,692
V 250 d AMG Line Long WA18XGH £62,275 £53,995 £8,280
C 200 AMG Line Cabriolet WG18ZFZ £46,155 £40,995 £5,160



Model Licence Plate List Price* Sale Price* Saving*
New model A-Class – A180d AMG Line Premium Auto WF18ZYN £31,055 £28,745 £2,310
GLA 220d AMG Line Premium Plus 4MATIC WD18MGJ £39,735 £36,745 £2,990
C250d AMG Line Premium Plus Saloon Auto WJ18GYK £42,350 £30,995 £11,355
C250d AMG Line Premium Plus Estate Auto WG18AAE £44,140 £36,495 £7,645
C63 S AMG Premium Cabriolet WF18ZYB £78,650 £72,995 £5,655
C200 Sport Saloon Auto WD18MGE £36,605 £33,745 £2,860
GLC 250 AMG Line Premium SUV WD18MFY £45,540 £41,995 £3,545
E400 AMG Line  Premium 4MATIC Coupé WJ18HBP £56,350 £50,000 £6,350
E400 AMG Line Premium Plus Cabriolet 4MATIC WJ18GYN £60,345 £52,995 £7,350
SLC300 AMG Line WJ18GYP £42,345 £34,995 £7,350


Model  Licence Number List Price* Sale Price* Saving*
C250d AMG Line Premium Plus Est WK18GYR £44,869 £36,000 £8,869
E220 d AMG Line Premium Plus Est Auto Night Pack WK18GYU £49,270 £39,000 £10,270
E350d AMG Line Premium Plus Estate WK18GYV £55,424 £44,000 £11,424
SLC 300 AMG Line Auto WK18GZC £43,470 £34,995 £8,475
CLS350d 4MATIC AMG Line Premium Plus Coupé Auto WK18GZU £64,918 £58,995 £5,923
A200 AMG Line Premium WK18PFZ £32,634 £28,495 £4,139
A200 d Sport WK18NZB £25,659 £20,495 £5,164
C250 d AMG Line Premium Plus Cabriolet Auto WK18HBE £47,404 £39,995 £7,409
GLE 350 d 4MATIC AMG Line Night Edition Premium Plus WK18NYR £67,614 £57,995 £9,619
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Premium Estate WK18XXV £75,834 £59,995 £15,839
A180 d Sport Executive Auto WK18NZP £28,650 £25,495 £3,155
B180 d AMG Line Premium Auto WK18NYX £31,155 £23,995 £7,160
C220 d AMG Line Premium Coupé Auto WK18NZO £41,225 £35,000 £6,225
C250d AMG Line Estate Auto WK18NZT £39,535 £31,995 £7,540
GLC 350 d 4MATIC AMG Line Premium Plus Auto WK18NZM £51,775 £44,995 £6,780
GLA 200d AMG Line Auto WK18NZU £32,580 £26,995 £5,585
GLC 250 d 4MATIC AMG Line Premium Plus WK18ULR £47,415 £39,995 £7,420

Approved Used Benefits

Comprehensive multi-point checks

Every Approved Used vehicle has been meticulously checked inside and out, under the bonnet and on the road by a specialist Mercedes-Benz technician. This is your guarantee that everything is in perfect working order and meets Mercedes-Benz standards.

Vehicle history check

We ensure every vehicle’s provenance – making sure it has no outstanding finance charges and is not registered as stolen or an insurance write-off. You will receive certification to confirm that the chassis and registration numbers are the same as those recorded by the DVLA1.

C Class Saloon

Vehicle Mileage Check

You can be sure of exactly how many miles an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz has covered. Every vehicle comes with confirmation that the recorded mileage is genuine.

MOT test failure cover (for vehicles over 2 years old)

MOT protection covers the cost of replacing, repairing or altering any covered parts, up to the purchase price of the vehicle, that cause the vehicle to fail its MOT.

Vehicle handover

Our handover process is just as comprehensive for our Approved Used cars as it is for our new ones. Our sales staff will provide you with all the relevant certificates and ensure you know everything about your benefits under the Approved Used Programme.

Unlimited mileage warranty

Every Approved Used Mercedes-Benz comes with a guarantee of at least 12 months’ comprehensive unlimited mileage warranty. And, at any time your car is being repaired under warranty, we’ll also pay up to £100 per day (including VAT) towards the cost of a replacement vehicle.

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*Offer available on selected demonstrator cars purchased and registered by 30th September 2018. Offer available on purchase/s of demonstrator vehicles from Mercedes-Benz South West retailers exclusively. Qualifying order dates are between 10.08.18 and 30.09.18. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Mercedes-Benz South West Terms & Conditions apply. Prices correct on 08.18.