Mercedes-Benz love stories

My Mercedes-Benz Love Story

It is either a time you swoon for, or one that makes you run for the hills (or that tub of ice cream). But whether you are loved up or not, Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind all those we hold dear just how special they are. And that includes us!

Sharing the love.

Over the last few weeks we have been asking you to share your own Mercedes-Benz love story – whether that’s a great experience at one of our showrooms or you simply want to show off your beautiful car.

There’s still time to tell us your love story and be in with a chance of winning these great prizes:

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Entry closes on 13.02.19 with winners to be announced on 14.02.19.

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Need some inspiration? Here are a few of the amazing entries we’ve had already!

Mr Ludwell
Mr Ludwell – “I had been very keen to own another Mercedes as I had not owned one since 1985. Myself and my wife spent a long time choosing the right model and the appropriate options. The day came and we went to Plymouth for the handover.

I personally have not felt so jeed up in anticipation and I was not disappointed. Lovely colour, everything just right, yes, it was like bringing home an old friend.

It’s 15 months now since I bought this car and nothing has changed in my delight at just looking at it let alone driving it. The air suspension gives you a feeling of riding on a magic carpet, couple that with the Burmester hifi system gently playing away and the whole package is a joy.”

Mr Felton

Mr Felton – “Once upon a time, there was a man who fell deeply in love with a Mercedes Benz A45 AMG.

He went in to the Taunton dealership god knows how many times to negotiate a price. Once both parties had agreed on a price, the order was made! It was just days until the car arrived. As the days were closing in, so was his partner Kayleigh’s birthday and they had all these plans on going away and celebrating. Then he had a phone call saying the car would be arriving on the 28th of April. Kayleigh’s birthday was the 27th!

He had to pick what was more important.. the birthday celebrations, or picking up the new love of his life!

The 27th come by, and they spent all day in bed, excitingly waiting for the car! He made Kayleigh a bacon sandwich and a few cups of tea in hope that would smooth her over. Then, the car collection day came!

It was the happiest day of his life. He couldn’t wipe the smile of his face all day. So they went down to the dealership, made the final payment on the car and drove into the sunset. All he had interest in doing was driving around and spending more money on fuel than Kayleigh. Luckily, she understood and was happy for her partner’s happiness. She started to fall in love with it too! Then they all lived happily ever after.

The end.”

Ms McNally

Mrs McNally – “It all started with receiving my pink drivers licence! I had been saving for what seemed like a life time for my first car, little did I know my Dad had already planned to buy me a Mercedes A Class A170 CDI, lovingly called Black Beauty. Words cannot describe my love for her, the countless miles back and forth to university, never missing a beat, she was the ultimate accessory.

As she got old and I didn’t want her covering the mileage I was completing each year, I lovingly passed her over to a close family friend who continues to love her now. 200,000 miles on the clock and she purs away like when I first had her.

But my love for A Classes didn’t stop there, I then purchased the newer model A Class in Aqua Green. Her name was Milly and what a car she was. A200 CDI, fully kitted out, she was such a delight to own and drive, from towns to motorways, she zipped along the roads and her engine really had a lot of power for such a small car (yet excellent for shopping)!

Sadly she went to another loving home, however I couldn’t resist another A Class. Mildred the A180 CDI is the car of the moment. My husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm and love for the A Class, he has opted for the new C220 CDI coupe from MBSW Plymouth, a rather stunning car and smoothest of drives! But 12 years of driving, there is no greater love than there is for Black Beauty, Milly and Mildred. Your first love will always remain in your heart.”

Tell us your love story before 13.02.19 and be in with a chance of winning!