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Minor Damage Insurance

Keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

Designed to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, Minor Damage Insurance covers you for the cost of repairs to minor dents, light scratches, light scuffs and chips to your vehicle as a result of accidental damage, subject to the policy limits.

Benefits include:

Flexible policy term

Where minor damage repairs cannot be made we contribute up to £250 towards body shop repairs

A total claims limit of £3,000 in repairs throughout the policy lifetime

Nationwide cover on all mobile repairs

Repairs do not invalidate the Mercedes-Benz warranty

What is Insured?


  • This insurance will pay for the cost of minor damage repairs as a result of accidental damage for minor dents, light scratches, light scuffs and chips to body of your vehicle.
  • Our nominated repairer will carry out the required repairs to your vehicle at an agreed location in accordance with Mercedes-Benz UK paint and warranty guidelines and will not invalidate your paint warranty.
  • If we confirm to you that a minor damage repair is not achievable within the guidelines and a bodyshop repair is required you will then be eligible for a bodyshop contribution up to a maximum of £250 (Including VAT) towards that bodyshop repair upon receipt of the original invoice.
  • The maximum amount the insurer will pay is up to the maximum limit of the policy which is £3000 (inclusive of VAT) as indicated on your policy schedule for a combination of minor damage repairs and any bodyshop repairs for which we have made a contribution. The maximum amount the insurer will pay for each individual bodyshop repair will be £250 (including VAT) up to the maximum claim limit.
  • Vehicles used for business use where the total annual mileage of the vehicle will not exceed 20,000 miles, for private use the annual mileage is unrestricted.

What is Not Insured?


  • Ineligible vehicles: There are certain vehicles we can’t cover such as any vehicle with specialist paint finishes, taxis, couriers, commercial or emergency vehicles. Please refer to the full terms and conditions.
  • Any damage to the vehicle which is not minor damage.
  • Any damage which was incurred prior to the inception of the policy.
  • Any damage involving cracked or dented bumpers.
  • Any damage where the technician confirms the repair requires a bodyshop repair and is not a minor damage repair and/or is deemed unsafe to carry out the repair due to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Any damage caused to bonnets, roofs, and boots if a minor damage repair is unachievable.
  • Any claims made in excess of the total maximum claim limit.
  • Any vehicle that has been modified in any way from the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Any vehicle used for racing, pace making, speed testing, reliability trials, rallying, or vehicles used for any other competitive event.

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