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Cosmetic Repair Insurance

Keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

Designed to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, Cosmetic Repair Insurance covers you for the cost of repairs to minor dents, light scratches, light scuffs and chips to your vehicle as a result of accidental damage, subject to the policy limits.

Benefits include:

One, two or three year policies

Where minor damage repairs cannot be made we contribute up to £150 towards body shop repairs

Easy claims process via the AutoTrust portal

Nationwide mobile repair 

Up to 6 claims every 12 months of cover with no excess to pay

What is Insured?


  • You are either the owner or registered keeper of the vehicle;
  • You are a resident in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man;
  • Your vehicle is ten years or under and has covered less than 100,000 miles at the start date of the policy;

Then during the period of insurance, the insurance will provide a cosmetic repair or where appropriate a touch-in repair to minor damage to your vehicle.  

Minor cosmetic damage means: 

  • A chip which is a chipped area on your vehicle, caused in a single incident, up to a maximum of 1.5cm in diameteror 3mm in depth;
  • A damaged area caused in a single incident which contains a light scratch, minor dent or scuffed bumper, up to a maximum of 30cm in length or 3mm in depth.

In the case of multiple damages being caused by the same incident, the total end to end size of the furthermost points of the combined damaged area must also be no larger than 30cm in diameter or 3mm in depth. Any repairs which are estimated to exceed 4 hours to complete will not be considered to be minor cosmetic damage. 

In the event that a cosmetic repair cannot be used to repair minor cosmetic damage on your vehicle under this policy, the insurance will contribute up to a maximum of £150 including VAT towards the cost of having a conventional body shop repair carried out whereby the minor cosmetic damage is repaired as a result.

The insurance is available with a policy durationof 12 months (maximum of 6 claims), 24 months (maximum of 12 claims) or 36 months (maximum of 18 claims).


What is Not Insured?

 The insurance will not cover minor cosmetic damage: 

  • That cannot be defined as  Light Scratch, Chip, Scuffed Bumper or Minor Dent or any Minor Cosmetic Damage where a Cosmetic Repair is not technically possible;
  • To horizontal flat surfaces, roofs, bonnets and boot tops where the repairer deems it not possible to achieve a satisfactory finish using cosmetic repair or touch-in repair techniques;
  • To paint colours and finishes that cannot be suitable matched by the repairer. These include but are not limited to specialist, non-standard and exclusive paint colours and finishes, for example: self-healing paint, body wrap, chrome illusion paint, two tone paint finish or matt finishes;
  • To any body panel or part of a panel that has been distorted, ripped, torn, or perforated;
  • Caused by hail, rust, pitting or paintwork discolouration;
  • That requires replacement of any body panel or part of a panel;
  • Reported to the administrator more than 30 days after the Incident;
  • Any claim where it is discovered that the policy was purchased more than 30 days following the delivery date of the vehicle;
  • That in the opinion of the administrator was incurred before the start date.

In addition, the policy does not cover the repair where the vehicle is named on a contract hire or lease agreement (but not including personal contract hire) or vehicles named on the restricted vehicle list (see terms and conditions).

A cosmetic repair involves restoring eligible damaged areas as close as possible to their original condition, however please be aware that no repair will be identical to the original automotive factory finish.

Discuss your requirements and the best options for you.

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