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Vehicle Health Checks

Winter Health Check

Don't let winter freeze your journey! We provide our Winter Health Check to give you more peace-of-mind while driving during the tricky winter months. We examine all the key features of your vehicle to ensure it is in its best condition when battling extreme weather, to keep you and other drivers safe.

Make sure your car is fighting fit with a Winter Health Check for just £34.99. For more tips on driving during the winter months, read our Winter Car Essentials blog.

In the video one of our Passenger Car Technicians, Adam, gives us an overview of our Wnter Health Check.

Antibacterial Deep Clean

Our Antibacterial Deep Clean is a lot more than just making your car look nice and shiny; it's more about protecting the health of you and your passengers.

The bacteria gathered particularly in the Air Conditioning System of your vehicle during the winter months can cause harm to our bodies, so it’s important that you sanitise the system before the hot summer months

Make sure your car is clean and fresh this spring and summer by booking an Anitbacterial Deep Clean with our expert technicians, this service is available for £119.99.

In the video one of our Passenger Car Technicians, Adam, gives us an overview and explores the health benefits of our Anitbacterial Deep Clean.

Expose the air conditioning system inc. the evaporater and pollen filter box

Existing pollen filter will be removed and the pollen filter housing will be sanistised

A deep clean of the evaporator with a pressure spray gun.

Stay cool with an AirCon Service.

Keeping your air-conditioning clean and functioning well is an important way to ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

The air conditioning system in your Mercedes-Benz uses refrigerant gas, which can deplete if not used frequently. If your car is feeling warmer than normal, it might be time for an AirCon Service.

Visit your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer and we’ll refresh your air conditioning with the optimum gas for your vehicle.

AirCon Regas - £129.99
AirCon Service - £119.99

Tyre quality and trim

Battery evaluation

Cooling system

Screen wash

Oil level

Vehicle inspection

More Vehicle Maintenance

7 tips for looking after your car7 tips for looking after your car

7 tips for looking after your car

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