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Mercedes-Benz Van Servicing

Mercedes-Benz Van Servicing

Servicing with Mercedes-Benz South West means you keep your van every bit Mercedes-Benz.

Our specialist Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) technicians use only the best Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts to ensure the best quality for your vehicle. With local van servicing centres in Exeter, Plymouth, Taunton and Truro, we’re here to keep your business moving.

Service intervals

Intelligent and innovative, Mercedes-Benz ASSYST alerts you when your van needs servicing.

Van Service intervals are determined by Mercedes-Benz ASSYST. The system measures variables like oil quantity & quality, engine load, temperature and speed to determine the optimum time to service the vehicle.

When a lubrication service is required, a single spanner lights up on the dashboard. When the van requires a maintenance service, two spanners light up.

Get your Service right, every time

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz ASSYST, you’ll never over or under service your van again. Your vehicle knows when it needs a service to maintain optimal performance, which depends on a number of variables such as your driving style and the type of roads you travel on.

Fixed Price Repairs

See below five of our most commonly purchased wear and tear parts at one low fitted price across our network.


  Citan 415 Sprinter 906, 907, 910
Vito 447
Front Wiper Blades £52.00 £58.00 £53.00
Front Brake Pads £139.00 £182.00 £156.00
Front Brake Pads & Discs £302.00 £376.00 £299.00
Rear Brake Pads £134.00 £182.00 £170.00
Rear Brake Pads & Discs £455.00 £382.00 £347.00

Automatic Transmission


  Sprinter 906 Sprinter 907 RWD Sprinter 910 FWD Vito 447
722.9XX 7 Speed (G42) £262 £260   £282
722.9XX 7 Speed (G42) + Eco Stop Start £388 £355   £355
725.9XX 9 Speed   £365   £388
700.750 7 Speed     £276  

ServiceCare plan prices¹


  Pay As You Go servicing².
Prices for two services*
ServiceCare Maintenance³.
Prices for two services*

ServiceCare Complete.ˆ
Prices for two services**

Sprinter Manual From £724*** From £600
From £1,325
Sprinter Auto From 984 From £864
Citan Manual
From £687

From £600

From £938
Citan Auto
Vito Manual From £614 From £600
From £1,398
Vito Auto From £896 From £792

Servicing flexibility – Three ways to plan and pay

We offer three ways to pay for servicing and maintenance, providing both flexibility and financial advantages.

Our specialist technicians use only the best Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts

¹ All prices shown exclude VAT and are valid as of January 2024. Offer is applicable for participating authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealers only. Please speak to an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer for more information. ² Pay As You Go (two services) consists of a Service A and Service B, dust filter and brake fluid. ³ ServiceCare Maintenance (two services) consists of Service A and Service B, dust filter, brake fluid and AdBlue® top up. ˆ ServiceCare Complete (two services) consists of Service A and Service B, dust filter, brake fluid, AdBlue® top up, MOT. Fees and all wear and tear components. *Based on a 24-month payment period. **24-month payment period based on local tradesperson operation and an annual distance of 20,000 miles. ***Based on Sprinter 906/907.

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