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Electric Car FAQs Electric Car FAQs

Electric Car FAQs

10 Nov 2021

We’re here to answer your Electric Car FAQs. With the government announcing the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030, our guide is designed to put your mind at ease. From charging times to towing capabilities you’ll soon see that an electric car is every bit as practical as a combustion engine.

What is the range of an electric car?

The range of an electric car depends on the size of the battery. Mercedes-Benz hybrid vehicles have an electric range between 26 – 66 miles, while the Mercedes-Benz EQC has a range of 255 miles from an 80kwh battery. smart vehicles have an electric range of 75-83 miles when fully charged.

Range will be impacted by using other functions of the vehicle such as heating/air conditioning and infotainment features, all of which require energy. However, by driving in Eco mode, some of this energy will be recouped using regenerative breaking.

Are public electric charging points free?

There are thousands of free charging points across the country. These are often in public places such as shopping centres, public car parks and supermarkets, as well as in some work places. If you do need to pay for your charging you can do so either on a pay-as-you-go basis, or even on a monthly subscription.


How long does charging take?

The speed of charging depends on the type of plug that you are using.

SLOW CHARGER – If you are using a domestic three pin plug you will be using a slow charge. This mode of charging takes from 6 – 12 hours (for a fully electric vehicle), and is therefore ideal for those who are able to plug their car in overnight.

FAST CHARGE – This type of charge is available from a home Wall Box and is often the preferred domestic or workplace charging option. These chargers are available in 7 – 22kw. A fast charger will fully charge an electric car in 3 – 7 hours.

RAPID CHARGE – As the name suggests, these chargers are by far the fastest and can charge an electric car to 80% in up to 40 minutes. They are often found in service stations and larger supermarkets or shopping centres. Plug in and enjoy a stretch of your legs and a coffee stop for your longer journeys!


How do I find a charging point?

There are a number of tools available to find your nearest charge station. The interactive ZapMap app uses your location to give you a full list of charging points near you, and the ability to choose the type of connector that you’re looking for.

Of course, your Mercedes-Benz or smart can help too. Fully electric models (including the EQC and EQV) have intelligent navigation which will plan your route according to your charge requirements. For longer journeys, it will tell you when and where to charge. It will also react to live traffic updates to reroute you if your charge won’t get you to a charger in time, as well as also updating on availability of charge points available.

smart drivers can take advantage of the EQ Control App which uses the vehicles location and finds the closest charging points to you. A great tool to use when your low on charge and in unfamiliar territory. It's always best to plan your journey before you set off and have a good idea of charging points on route, just in case. You can read more about the EQ Control App by reading our blog post smart App for smart Drivers.

What are the environmental impacts of electric cars?  

Fully electric vehicles have zero Co2 emissions which is, of course, much better for the environment than traditional combustion engines.

However, it is also worth considering the carbon footprint of vehicle production too. There is constant innovation in this area and Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz’s parent brand) are working to include sustainable recycling as part of their battery lifecycle.


Can an electric car tow a caravan?

Yes! The Mercedes-Benz EQC can tow up to 1,800kg. A perfect environmentally-friendly way to spend your staycation.

Should I buy an electric or hybrid car?

Deciding whether or not a hybrid or an electric car is right for you can be a tough decision. The EQ Ready app is here to help. Simply download the app from the GooglePlay or App Store and it will analyse your journeys to find your ideal vehicle.

Can I hear from someone who has made the switch?

Early adopter Mr Stroud drove our first EQC off the forecourt in October 2019. He did his research but decided it had to be Mercedes:

“I looked at some of the electric focused brands and although the tech side of it is very good they’ve only been building cars for 15 years or so, while Mercedes have been doing it for 133 years and therein lies the big difference; they know how to build cars.”

Read the full interview with Mr Stroud here.

smart of Truro also helped customer Carol move to an electric vehicle as she wanted to lower her carbon footprint. Carol opted for a EQ smart fourtwo. Watch Carol's video testimonial here.

What is the drive like?

Driving an electric car is every bit the Mercedes-Benz experience, enhanced by a peaceful near-silent cabin experience, along with an exhilarating acceleration performance. The Mercedes-Benz EQC does 0 – 60mph in just 5.1 seconds with 408 horse power. The silence of the engine means that the acceleration feels even more thrilling!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer your questions. Contact us today to find out more.

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