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smart MOT

smarter MOT

Once your car reaches three years old it is required by law to have a valid MOT certificate. You then need to have your MOT renewed each year to ensure that it is legally safe for you and others when on the road.

At smart Southwest, our dedicated and experienced team of technicians can test your smart car efficiently and effectively to ensure that you are compliant. You can drive away the same day, and may only need to wait for an hour for the servicing to be complete.

If your car fails its MOT and further servicing or repairs are required, we’ll provide full guidance and comprehensive details of how we can get your car back to being as good as new. If you would like other services added to your MOT, such as filter cleans or fluid replacements, speak to one of our advisers at the aftersales centres about what we can offer you.

How to book

Call us today or use the Live Chat and you can book an MOT in minutes. You can also complete the online enquiry form using the link below.

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