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Mercedes-Benz FAQs and Help

Got a question? Or looking for some more information? Whether you’re shopping with us in-store or digitally, we’re by your side. Take a look at our FAQs below:

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Yes. You can find our finance calculators at the bottom of our product pages. For example, here. You can use the finance calculator to choose your finance plan, adjust your term length and edit your initial deposit to find the perfect plan for you.

A member of our Sales Team would be more than happy to take you through all our finance products, their differences and benefits so you can decide which ones best suits you. You can visit us in-store, chat to us on live chat or connect with us using live video chat.

All finance contracts are with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. If you are concerned about meeting your payments or any aspect of your finance contract you should contact them on 0370 847 0700 or via email on email [email protected] with your vehicle registration, agreement number and reason for assistance.

Depending on which finance product you choose, you have a number of options when you reach the end of your agreement. These options can include:

1. Pay the Optional Purchase Payment to keep the car
2. Part-exchange it for another vehicle
3. Hand it back to the finance company
4. Sell it privately or to a dealer

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