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Mercedes-Benz Finance

Financing your Mercedes-Benz.

We offer a range of finance products so you can choose the one that suits you and your budget the best. Pick the right plan for you so you can enjoy your Mercedes-Benz, rather than worrying about finances.

Choose from a range of finance products:

Mercedes-Benz FinanceMercedes-Benz Finance
Mercedes-Benz Finance PCPMercedes-Benz Finance PCP

Agility (Personal Contract Plan)

A flexible method of financing a vehicle over a fixed term.

The agreement defers your decision of whether you purchase, hand back or part-exchange your vehicle until the end of your agreement.*

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Mercedes-Benz Finance Hire PurchaseMercedes-Benz Finance Hire Purchase


A straightforward route to ownership.

This is the perfect way to buy a Mercedes-Benz if you want to work your way up to full ownership, spreading the overall cost over a fixed term.*

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Mercedes-Benz Finance Personal Operating LeaseMercedes-Benz Finance Personal Operating Lease

Personal Operating Lease

A solution for those who want to drive one of our vehicles over a fixed term, with lower monthly rentals and without the worries or commitment of ownership.*


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Mercedes-Benz Finance Personal Contract HireMercedes-Benz Finance Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire

Enjoy driving Mercedes-Benz without having to take on full ownership.

With this option you lease your vehicle for a fixed period and for a fixed monthly.*


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* Charges may apply for late payments or to alter the repayment date. You must maintain fully comprehensive insurance throughout the term of the agreement. Any outstanding finance must be settled if the goods are sold.
Mercedes-Benz LogoMercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes me Finance.

Access your Mercedes-Benz finance agreement online any time, any place. With Mercedes me Finance, you have access to your account, your agreement and any important documents that come with it. 

You can update your contact details, edit your monthly payment date to suit you, request an Early Settlement quotation and assign the bank account you wish to pay from.

Finance FAQs

Agility is the name of our Personal Contract Plan (PCP) finance product. Agility is a flexible method of financing a vehicle over a fixed term.

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You can apply for finance online by using our finance calculator on our website where you can edit and adjust your finance product, initial deposit and term length to find the right plan for you.

You can also apply for finance by contacting our Customer Loyalty Specialists who can guide you through your agreement.

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All of your important finance documents and files can be found by logging into your account on our website.

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Depending on which finance product you choose, you have a number of options when you reach the end of your agreement. These options can include:

1. Pay the Optional Purchase Payment to keep the car
2. Part-exchange it for another vehicle
3. Hand it back to the finance company
4. Sell it privately or to a dealer

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