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7 Tips for looking after your car when you’re not using it as much

In our current lockdown situation we are using our cars much less as usual. In fact, on 3rd April 2020 Cabinet Office data reported that road traffic had fallen by up to 73%, replicating road-usage levels not seen since 1955. Keeping your car in good condition while it’s usage is decreased is the best way to ensure a smooth journey once you are back on the road.

Here’s 7 top tips for looking after your car:

Keep your fuel topped up

Keeping your fuel tank topped up with help to keep the engine healthy by preventing condensation gathering in the fuel tank. On your next essential trip to the supermarket consider topping up your fuel to full. Also be sure to carry a pack of antibacterial wipes and gloves in your vehicle to avoid the spread of infection on fuel pumps.

Check your tyre pressure

If your car is sitting dormant then tyre pressure can decrease without your realising. Top up your tyres to the maximum pressure and make sure to check them regularly. Moving your car every so often will help to avoid the tyres becoming unevenly worn.

Keep your battery healthy

Using your car for essential trips will help to maintain the battery charge. If there are more than two cars in your household, consider alternating those that you use for essential journeys. You could also consider investing in a mains powered charger to top up charge and prevent loss of power.

Brake care

Regular movement of your car over short distances will also help to maintain your brakes. Make sure to use both the hand and foot brake to ensure that everything is working.

Car Care

Keep it Clean

Keeping your car clean will avoid general wear and tear on the paintwork. Waxing the exterior can help to avoid corrosion from tree sap and harsh weather. Disinfecting the interior of your car thoroughly can help to reduce to spread of germs, while cleaning the upholstery will help to keep your car smelling fresh!

Spring clean your garage or invest in a cover

Storage is another important question when caring for a car that isn’t being used as much. If you have a garage make sure that you give the floor a thorough sweep prior to leaving your vehicle there to avoid any sharp items becoming lodged in the tyres. Make sure the car is dry and the garage well ventilated. If your vehicle is likely to remain unused for some time you may also consider leaving the car, in gear, with chocks supporting the wheels to avoid strain on the handbrake cable.

If a private garage isn’t an option it may be worth investing in a high quality cover for your vehicle. Find the right option for your car on the Mercedes-Benz online accessories shop.

Keep some spare bulbs

Working lights is a key component to your car being deemed safe on the road. Carrying spare bulbs means that you’re able to keep your vehicle roadworthy for those essential journeys.

These tips for looking after your car should help to keep your car healthy while it’s not being used. If your car requires more expert care, our service workshops are open to support the needs of you and your vehicle during these unprecedented times. We’re here to keep key workers moving and to ensure that you can complete any essential journeys as safely as possible.

Visit our service pages for more information or to make an appointment.

7 thoughts on “7 Tips for looking after your car when you’re not using it as much

  • Thanks for the 7 tips. Much appreciated. I hadn’t thought of them all. Once the lockdown is over I’ll arrange a service on my B-class with Truro.

  • Grateful for the helpful and practical advice. On my next essential trip to the supermarket I’ll top up the fuel to full. Likewise, top up the tyres to the maximum pressure and make sure that I check them regularly. Will also plan to move my car every so often to avoid the tyres becoming unevenly worn.

    Finally, during the lockdown I have had need to discuss my cars wellbeing, and to express my concerns regarding it being stationary for such an extended period. I have found the personnel at Mercedes-Benz South West (Exeter) very empathic and supportive.

  • Makes perfect sense. Make it a reasonable drive to ensure the exhaust dries out as well

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