How to charge your electric car

“How do I charge an electric car?” is one of the most common queries for people who are considering making the change. It’s a question that extends into considering how an electric car will fit into your life, and how much of a change are you going to have to make to your driving habits in order to have one.

The truth is: the main change you need to make is a shift in mindset. In today’s world we are used to having to charge our mobile phones, tablets, even our vacuum cleaners. Driving an electric car is just an extension of the other devices that we charge every day.

The smart EQ fortwo and forfour use a Type 2 connector, which is widely available at public charge networks, and you can also have a home charge point installed by our official partner, ChargeMaster. Read on for more details on how to charge your smart in any situation.

Charging at home

By far the easiest way to charge is at home. A smart electric engine will fully charge in 3.5 hours from a home wall box. What’s more, the smart EQ fortwo and forfour are both eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, which offers a grant of up to £350 toward the cost of your home charge point installation.

Home charge points work well for those with off street parking. If you live in an apartment or terraced house you can contact your local council to request the installation of an on-street charge point. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles will cover up to 75% of the cost of the installation, leaving the council with the remaining cost.

Contact ChargeMaster for more information about home charging.

Charging out and about

ChargeMaster offer a low cost subscription service for their public charge points, the Polar Network. For just £7.85 per month you can enjoy unlimited access to their network of 7,000 charge points for no additional charge, and pay only for the electricity consumed at other charge points (an average of 10.8p per kWh). View their live map of charge points.

Another great resource for charging out and about is ZapMap, their intuitive map will tell you your nearest charge point and has an easy to use app which will show you your nearest charger wherever you are!

Charging on route

The smart EQ control app will give you live information about your vehicle, including the charge status, making it easy for you to schedule charging stops into longer journeys.

Most motorway service stations now house rapid charge points, so you can top up your charge in the time it takes you to stretch your legs and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Charging at work

Many employers now offer electric vehicle charging as an added benefit for their employees. ChargeMaster can help those companies who want to reward their employees, and add charge points as an extra level of service for their customers. See how ChargeMaster could help your business.

Charging an electric car is becoming easier every day, and with over 1 million electric vehicles expected on British roads by 2022, the charging infrastructure is growing. Be among the first to make this momentous change and you can also benefit from up to £3,500 off your vehicle with an OLEV grant.

Explore the smart EQ fortwo and forfour range to find the right electric smart for you.