Keeping Your Van Secure

For many people, a van isn’t just a way to get around. It’s a significant part of their livelihood or sits at the centre of their lifestyle, meaning loss or damage to a van can be much more than just an inconvenience.

Tradespeople are often targeted for the expensive tools that are kept in their vans overnight. However it’s not just tools that criminals are after. Those who keep their paddleboards, surfboards or bikes in their van could also fall victim due to the popularity of these activities. And sometimes these things can’t just be replaced due to sentimental value and costs! Therefore keeping your van secure will be a high priority for many.

Our Top Tips for Maximising your Van Security:  

Clever Parking

Your van is most at risk when you leave it somewhere unattended. Parking your van securely can deter criminals and parking in a well-lit area or on a busy main road with CCTV means you’re less likely to be targeted. Criminals will know the risks of being visible to other people who might contact the police. It is also a good idea to park your van so the side and back doors aren’t easily accessible. This can prevent anyone being able to cut into the thinner metals and peel them back to get access to your van.

Install Extra Locks And Visible Deterrents

It is recommended you take additional measures to protect your vehicle and anything that is kept inside. One of the best lines of defence is having an additional lock installed. A slamlock locks instantly when a door is shut. A stoplock links both sides of a door together and a deadlock is manually locked and unlocked by a separate key. The choice of additional locks is down to your own preferences. It is also an idea to use visible deterrents such as a steering or handbrake lock. This can make your van look like a less appealing target.

Consider Van Signage

Van signs can indicate to criminals exactly what type of goods might be stored in your vehicle. You might be holding exactly what they’re looking for and they know there is a good chance it will be stored in there. However, large designs including your contact details could also be off putting for criminals as it is easily recognisable and won’t be so easy to pass on. Whether you choose to brand your van or not is up to you.

Install GPS Tracking

Firstly they can be off-putting for potential thieves but should anything happen, they can help get a stolen vehicle back. They can be a massive help for the police when trying to track down a stolen vehicle.

Keep A List Of The Things Stored In Your Van

For your own peace of mind, making a note of everything that is stored in your van will make spotting a theft or missing item quicker and easier. It would also be worth marking your items with UV pen. When buying second hand, many check for these markings to ensure all details matchup between the seller and the assets. Both will also be beneficial should you need to speak with your vehicle insurer.

If you’re currently on the lookout for your next van, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz South West dealership to discuss our approved used vans with our experts.