Love our Planet: The Environmental Benefits of Going Electric

As the most romantic day of the year approaches we are considering the ways we can spread the love a little further and show our planet some TLC this Valentine’s Day.

The UK government has now announced that the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from 2030. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of making the switch to an electric vehicle is the impact this will have on the environment and the fight against climate change.

How will switching to an electric vehicle benefit the environment? We have highlighted a few of the reasons below:

Battery Powered Energy

When compared to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, electric vehicles are considered to be more efficient and use less energy to undertake the same tasks as cars using fossil fuels. When it’s time to ‘refuel’, battery power requires you to simply plug and go at your nearest charging point.

Goodbye Nasty Pollutants

Did you know that in 2019, transport accounted for approximately a third of all the carbon emissions in the UK?

Whether you drive a diesel or petrol vehicle, harmful emissions are being released into the atmosphere through your exhaust pipe every day. A combination of both carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, these are responsible for climate change and have a lasting, damaging effect on the environment. Although electric cars require electricity in order to power them, their carbon output is significantly lower than those using petrol or diesel. These harmful air pollutants will be impacting our own health too.

Is the Engine Even Running?

That quiet purr of an electric engine will have you questioning whether the vehicle has even been switched on! It also means noise pollution on our roads will be immensely reduced in the future. So get those windows down and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the natural world around you!

Not Sure if Going Straight to Electric is the Right Move for You? Why Not Try a Hybrid Instead

Combining the power of a fuel combustion engine and the innovation of an electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid is a great first step to take when considering your electric future. Although a hybrid will still produce some emissions when in use, having the option to switch between a traditional and electric engine will still have a considerable impact on your carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles are a cleaner, greener way to travel and by making the switch our planet will be breathing a sigh of relief on the steps being taken towards a happier, healthier environment.

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