Meet the team: Chris Lloyd, Service Team Leader

In terms of catering to the commercial servicing market, Mercedes-Benz South West are doing their utmost to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers. We recently welcomed a dedicated LCV Servicing and Trade Parts Hub for Mercedes-Benz of Exeter, and now comes the turn of Mercedes-Benz of Taunton, whose new LCV Servicing Centre premises opened doors earlier this month.

It is only right then that we introduce you to one of the friendly faces that you’ll be seeing around the new centre!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Service Team Manager, Chris Lloyd!

1. How long have you been working at Mercedes-Benz South West?
I have been with the company for fifteen years – I started as an Apprentice Technician back in 1977. Since then I have been Service Advisor and Service Manager at Cross Keys Mercedes Taunton before joining Mercedes-Benz South West. I have just moved over to our new LCV facility having been previously based at the Toneway dealership.
2. Where are you from?
Bristol originally but I now live in Somerset.
3. Favourite Mercedes-Benz model? (old or new)
Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power +.

Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power +
Mercedes’ 2018 F1 competitor: Mercedes-AMG W09 EQ Power +

4. Favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of the job is being part of a team. I now look forward to bringing the best out our new LCV development and supporting our incredibly talented team.
5. Any Pets?
Although technically the answer is no, I would claim that next door’s cat likes to think so.
6. Have you always been in the motor trade? What did you do before?
Yes – it was my passion from a young age and I’ve never wanted to do anything else.
7. How many attempts did it take you to pass your driving test?
Just the one!
8. What radio station are you listening to when you drive?
Absolute Radio.
9. Favourite place to visit in the South West?
Memorial Stadium for Bristol Rovers. I go at every opportunity and have great memories there (even when the Team aren’t at their best).
10. Favourite TV Show to binge watch?
Arrested Development.
11. Favourite Film?
Le Mans.

1971 Steve McQueen film, Le Mans
1971 Steve McQueen film, Le Mans

13. Favourite Band/Artist?

14. First concert you ever went to?
I went to see Wishbone Ash in the late 1970s. I did not know any of their music and remember it being loud!
15. Tipple of choice?
Any good beer.
16. What would be your Karaoke song?
I have been banned from singing – my voice is too bad.
17. Best holiday you’ve ever been on?

The stunning sights of Ibiza Town

18. If the world ends tomorrow, what would you choose as your last meal?
A healthy portion of roast beef.
19. What are you most looking forward to this year?
I am looking forward to attending the British Grand Prix in Silverstone in a few weeks time. I am a big F1 fan and this will be the 10th grand prix I have been to. I will of course be supporting the Mercedes boys.
20. Finally… Jam then cream, or cream then jam?
Jam then cream.

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