Meet the Team: Emily Coates, Group Customer Experience Co-Ordinator

This month we’re meeting Emily Coates, Group Customer Experience Co-Ordinator. Emily began her career at Mercedes-Benz South West on a temporary contract in November 2015 and has been with us ever since!

Tell us about yourself Emily: I was born in the UK but spent 22 years living abroad in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Bangladesh and Canada. In 2014 I moved back to the UK to obtain my MSc in International Management. I had every intention of moving back to Canada, but never left!

Where are you from? I was born in Chatham, Kent, but there’s a running joke among my friends that I’m not actually ‘from’ anywhere. I’ve lived in so many places it’s hard to identify with just one.

Favourite Mercedes-Benz model? A few years ago Exeter had the new C-Coupé in brilliant blue on show by reception and I remember totally loving it then. I form new opinions as I explore more of the range, so I haven’t fully decided yet.

Most memorable day at work you’ve ever had? There have been quite a few in the short time I’ve been with the company, but I think one of the most memorable days thus far has been my most recent promotion, along with finding out I was accepted on to the Future Leader Management Programme.

Favourite part of the job? It’s always changing! I love being able to provide CWC with insight and support that will genuinely make a difference to our customers. I love being able to work with so many different people in various roles spanning the whole business, learning what is important to each job role and how we can work together. I’m proud of where I work, and I like being able to motivate people and help the company give our customers the best experience possible.

Do you have any pets? Another running joke… as an animal lover, I have had many pets over the years. Currently I have a rescued, blind merle Dachshund, who lives with my father in Scotland along with our other two rescue Dachshunds. Between my parents and I, we also have five horses – luckily for my bank balance, only one is officially mine!

Have you always been in the motor trade? No, the motor trade is new for me. Before working here I was a full time student and spent four years obtaining my BA and my MSc.

Best holiday you’ve ever been on? I’m extremely lucky to have been on many amazing holidays and it’s hard to pick one but, if I had to, probably Botswana/South Africa in 2011.

How many attempts did it take you to pass your driving test? Just the one! Although I passed twice; once in Canada, once in the UK.

What radio station are you listening to when you drive? Normally Radio 1. I’m not that loyal to one station though and I normally swap between whichever station is playing something I like, and music on my phone.

Favourite place to visit in the South West? I’m still exploring – but so far I’m in awe of the coastal walks

Favourite TV Show to binge watch? I’ve been binge watching Suits and Lucifer lately. I also enjoy watching reruns of Bones.

Favourite Film? My childish answer is ‘Spirit’ as it’s horsey and was my favourite movie when I was young. A more adult response would be ‘Inception’.

Tipple of choice? I’m sure I’ll be judged, but Archers and lemonade.

What would be your Karaoke song?  You’ll probably never catch me singing Karaoke! If I did, it would have to be to a well-known song with easy lyrics – I’ve not got much talent for singing.

Favourite Band/Artist? I can’t think of just one. My music taste ranges from Eminem to Coldplay to The Beatles, and everything in between! Some of my all-time favourite songs are from older bands like Queen, The Police, and Pink Floyd.

If the world ends tomorrow, what would you choose as your last meal? Macaroni cheese!

What are you most looking forward to this year? Professionally I am looking forward to continuously progressing and learning more about what I can accomplish. Personally, I am looking forward to hopefully getting back in the show ring and bringing home some red ribbons.

Finally… Jam then cream, or cream then jam? I know it’s a big debate, but I haven’t been around for long enough to take one side. I do genuinely find it easier to put cream first…