Mercedes-Benz driver assistance

Mercedes-Benz ‘Driver Assistance’ Safety Features

Did you know that your Mercedes-Benz has a host of Driver Assistance programmes to keep you and your family safe? The Mercedes-Benz promise of ‘the best or nothing’ extends into essential safety technology for a more intelligent drive. Our safety systems are designed to reduce accidents by using autonomous drive features as well as audio and visual cues for the driver.

Let us explain some of the key Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance features*:

Active Brake Assist – This essential feature is included as standard across our range. An alert will sound if there is risk of an imminent collision and can also autonomously apply the brakes if there is no driver intervention.

Active Blind Spot Assist – If there is a road user detected in your blind spot a red triangle will flash in your wing mirror. If the driver then operates the indicators an audible warning will sound. This feature also includes an autonomous corrective steer function to prevent a collision.

ATTENTION ASSIST – This feature is particularly useful on long journeys. The vehicle analyses driving behaviour to recognise typical signs of inattentiveness and drowsiness and then alerts the driver. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Active Emergency Stop Assist – This system can autonomously stop the car if it detects a lack of driver intervention over time. If there is no steering movement applied to the wheel the system will prompt the driver to place their hands on the wheel. If this still does not happen the car will autonomously come to a standstill and turn on hazard signals to warn other drivers.

DISTRONIC PLUS – Particularly useful for motorway driving and when using cruise control. This feature adapts the speed of your vehicle to maintain a safe distance from the road user in front.

Active Lane Keeping Assist – This feature detects if the driver is drifting lanes and alerts them with a vibration on the steering wheel.

PRE-SAFE PLUS – Alerts other road users of an impending rear-end collision by activing the hazard signals at high frequency. It will also tighten seatbelts to reduce passenger impact and can automatically lock the brakes if your vehicle is stationary.

Remote Parking Assist – Using the Mercedes Me smart phone app you can manoeuvre your car into a space automatically. The ultrasonic sensors on the board ensure a safe park, no matter how tight the space may be!

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*Not all features are included as standard. Please contact your local Retailer for more information.