Overcoming Range Anxiety

One of the most common queries our experts are asked when it comes to an electric vehicle is, “will it get me to my destination?” Range anxiety is one of the biggest barriers preventing many making the switch to electric. Despite these worries still being there when travelling in a petrol or diesel vehicle, the fear of the unknown is what sets the EV panic apart from the rest.

How can we overcome our panic when it comes to electric vehicles?

Most electric vehicle drivers will have a charging point at home, at work or both therefore access to regular charging is easy for shorter day to day trips. But what about those longer journeys? The key to keeping your electric vehicle on the move is simply to plan your journey!

Plan your route

The public charging networks in towns, cities and along motorways are increasing and improving to accommodate the increased demand for electric vehicles.

The Zap-Map route planner shows not only the location and last status update of all UK public chargers, it can also plan your route. It takes into account the range of your vehicle and shows you charge stops along the way so low battery is never a worry.

Zap Map

The Mercedes EQA has an electric range up to 263 miles, giving you the confidence that an electric can get you to your destination and beat that range anxiety.

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