Review: the smart EQ

smart has made a bold move in converting to a fully electric range from August 2019. The smart EQ brings the future of electric drive into a practical and exciting car. Nick Shaw, Sales Manager for Mercedes-Benz of Truro, made the change and certainly isn’t looking back.

Nick’s smart EQ review:

“The first thing that you notice about the smart EQ is the silence. It sets the peaceful, stress-free tone that defines this lovely car.

I chose a smart EQ fortwo cabrio for many reasons. The brand has always represented a fun driving experience, and felt that it would be a great first electric car to start adapting to the future!

Nick Shaw

The first worry for people is always the range. I commute from Plymouth to Truro every day, which is a 52 mile journey door to door. On average, each journey uses around 81% of charge. When I get to work I am able to leave it to charge as I go about my day, and then recharge again back at home. Most employers offer charging points as a staff benefit as an incentive for switching to electric. It’s worth bringing up with your workplace if they have an environmental policy!

The 22kw smart EQ battery is best used in ECO mode for shorter journeys. By regulating the speed of the car, the technology uses regenerative braking to convert much of the lost energy when decelerating , transferring it back into the battery.

Another noticeable change is the smoothness of the ride. The 22kw battery sits underneath the cockpit. The smart EQ is 100 kilograms heavier than the petrol engine, and the additional weight gives an improved balance as the smart EQ sits on the road beautifully.

But the comfort extends beyond the drive. Using the EQ app I can pre-set the climate control while my car is charging, meaning that I can have the perfect temperature when I get in, therefore I do not need to use the battery to initially power the air-conditioning or heating. The insulation has also been improved in the Winter Package, and along with the pre-entry climate control there is also heated steering wheel and seat functionality. Perfect for the upcoming colder months!

Driving the smart EQ has been a great introduction into the world of fully-electric driving. The benefits that I receive, mainly in running costs, are completely worth it! A full tank of diesel in my old car could cost up to £80.00, though a full battery charge from my 3 pin domestic socket costs around £2.87 on my home electricity bill.

Driving an electric car is a habit change. Remembering to use ECO mode when I’m driving around town, plugging it in to charge when I get home (much the same as I do with my phone), and making sure to top up little and often rather than draining to an empty battery are the biggest changes. But the benefits make these changes so worth it. I also feel like I am contributing more towards a greener environment! I’m a complete convert to electric driving, the future is extremely bright!”

Visit your local smart specialist to learn more about the smart EQ and how you can make the change.