Reviewed: the E300de hybrid

The environmental benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles are a hot topic in the current climate. The benefits in the reduced emissions of hybrid vehicles can drastically improve environmental impact as well as running costs, and is now combined with the classic design of Mercedes-Benz’s most sophisticated model.

Refined and elegant, the E-Class is highly praised for many reasons, and the hybrid engine now gives it even more to be proud of. The E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s most decorated model, most recently winning Auto Trader’s ‘Most Recommended Car of the Year’ award.

Greg Fanning, General Manager at Exeter’s David Lloyd Club, explains how his E300de hybrid not only helps him to look after the planet, but also what a joy it is to drive.

I was eagerly anticipating delivery of my new E300de hybrid to compare the advancement of electric development within the E-Class range having previously owned an E350e. What was most noticeable was the all-round improvement in driveability, balance, consumption, power, and driver position.

Over the past 12 months I have noticed an increasing number of eco-friendly cars both on the roads and in our car park, and just over a year ago I decided it was time to invest in Pod Point electrical chargers at the David Lloyd Club Exeter. This not only shows our commitment, albeit in a small way, to the environment, it also adds an additional membership benefit to those members who drive electric or hybrid vehicles (our chargers are free to members) and finally, keeps innovation at the forefront of our minds.

My E300de delivers 0-60mph in 6secs and a combined mpg of over 60mpg delivered from a 2.0L four cylinder engine which produces 191bhp alongside an additional 121bhp from the electric motor, a total of 312bhp! I am currently receiving around 22 miles on full electric power and a full re-charge time on a 7kw/h charger of around 3 hours.

My journeys generally consist of short home/school/work runs all within 8 miles of each other and then the longer journeys around the country for meetings. The balance of the car is improved with less under-steer and to me feels a far more comfortable ride. For a heavy car of 2800kg these consumption and performance figures are eye catching and long journeys are effortless with additional power through the mid-range.

As a business user, P11d figures are very appealing too with CO2 emissions of 41g/km and a BIK tax rate of just 13%. It’s a must buy for both company car owners and private individuals alike.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the feel, performance and affordability of the E300de and look forward to being part of the Mercedes-Benz eco journey.

The E300de is available now. Book your test drive today.