Mercedes-Benz Interior

Spring Clean Series: Vehicle Interior.

Making sure your Mercedes-Benz is kept clean will not only keep it looking great, but it will lessen the degradation to components caused by mud, dirt and other foreign bodies.

A regular, thorough cleaning routine is therefore important to maximise your own driving experience and is best practice to help maintain the value of your vehicle. For finance customers, it may help avoid penalty fees at the end of your contract.

As we enter the season of the Spring Clean, we wanted to provide our tips and tricks on how you can best look after your Mercedes-Benz. First up, we advise how to keep your interior looking and feeling its best.

Interior Cleaning Routine.

As a space in which we spend more time than socialising with family and friends (The Telegraph, 2011), the inside of our car is certainly a place we should look after. Beyond just for the lifespan of interior features, the comfort and convenience of our cars can be greatly improved by a regular clean.

How often you clean inside your car completely depends on how much outside dirt is regularly brought inside and such things as whether you have children or pets. As a rule of thumb, stains or mud should be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, a monthly spruce following the steps below should keep any potential problems in check.

1 – Remove any rubbish and take out the car mats to clean separately.
2 – Do a thorough sweep with a vacuum, making sure to get into all the cracks.
3 – Clean the inside of your windows followed by your seats and the surrounding upholstery. Treat your footwells for particularly ground in dirt.
4 – Wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel and window trims.

You can also see our advice on keeping your exterior looking as good as new.

Use Genuine Cleaning Products.

Mercedes-Benz offer a large collection of products to help clean and protect you vehicle’s interior. These are designed specifically for the needs of your Mercedes-Benz and can be ordered directly from your local dealership. Prices are size dependent but range from £2.35 to £12.60.

Mercedes-Benz Clean and SprayMercedes-Benz Quick & Clean

This multi-purpose cleaning spray is suitable for glass, paint, rubber and plastic, it removes fingerprints and small residues of dirt, leaving a streak-free shine.

USE: Spray undiluted onto relevant area and polish with cotton cloth.

REMEMBER: High-gloss surfaces must not be cleaned with commercial cleaners and microfibre cloths.

Mercedes-Benz Antistatik

Mercedes-Benz Antistatic Spray

As well as providing weeks of protection against electrostatic shock within your vehicle, this useful spray also reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt.

USE: Shake before use. Vacuum carpets and floor mats using Mercedes-Benz fabric upholstery cleaner and allow to dry. Then generously spray antistatic solution onto all carpets and floor mats.

Mercedes-Benz Cockpit Lotion

Mercedes-Benz Cockpit Spray

This solution cleans high quality plastic and leather fittings, protects them from ageing and is anti-static.

USE: Shake before use. Apply lotion sparingly and spread using fluff-free rag.

REMEMBER: Do not apply to hot plastic or leather and do not use where directly exposed to sunlight.

Mercedes-Benz Interior Glass Cleaner1 Mercedes-Benz Interior Glass Cleaner

Use Mercedes-Benz interior glass cleaner to prevent misting when you clean your windows. It removes dirt, grease and nicotine in one application.

USE: Spray cleaner onto the inside of windows and clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Then rub dry with a cloth, chamois or tissue paper.

Mercedes-Benz Stain RemoverMercedes-Benz Stain Remover

This handy treatment removes not only oil, grease and wax, but also everyday stains such as chocolate and biro. It will also remove shoe polish stains that could be left when leaving your vehicle.

USE: Apply a few drops to a soft rag and lightly rub into those plastic or fabric surfaces that need cleaning. Not suitable for leather.


Mercedes-Benz Textile Upholstery CleanerMercedes-Benz Leather Care Foam

For use on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles with smooth interior leather, this foam treatment will protect against ageing and will keep the leather supple and clean.

USE: Shake before use. Apply foam into a soft, lint-free cloth and apply to leather. Wipe dry after 2-3 minutes.

REMEMBER: Do not apply to hot leather and do not use in direct sunshine.

Mercedes-Benz Textile Upholstery Cleaner

Mercedes-Benz Textile Upholstery Cleaner

Freshen up your upholstery colours and get rid of dirt and nicotine.

USE: Vacuum or brush off any loose dust or dirt. Apply cleaner and leave for approximately one minute, then rub well with a damp cloth and leave to dry for a further two hours. Then vacuum clean thoroughly. Repeat the process where needed.

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