Approved Used Mercedes-Benz quiz

Test your knowledge of Approved Used Mercedes-Benz

Buying a used car can often come with some anxiety about the quality and history of the vehicle. We’ve put together the ultimate test of Approved Used knowledge to challenge the misconceptions and highlight the benefits of buying an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz from our Online Showroom.

An Approved Used Mercedes-Benz will have had multiple owners

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Many of our Approved Used cars have only had one owner or may be ex-staff vehicles. These cars particularly have been very well looked after and have a low mileage.

A Used Car will not come with a warranty

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Every Approved Used Mercedes-Benz comes with a 12 month warranty.

I will find better value through a private sale

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While you might find a cheaper car through a private sale, this doesn't necessarily mean better value. Buying through our dealerships gives you the benefit of a multi-point check from our expert team.

I can't buy a Used car with the latest tech

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Many of our Approved Used models are under 3 years old, and so still have the latest technology available. Additionally, there is some vehicle technology that can be retrofitted to your vehicle. Your Sales Executive will be able to advise you on this.

Used cars can come with surprisingly low mileage

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We have a team of expert Used Car Buyers to ensure that we are purchasing the very best that the Approved Used market has to offer. As many of our vehicles are under 3 year's old, you will reap the benefits of a lower mileage without suffering depreciation.

I can't be sure where a Used Car has come from

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As well as our rigorous testing and buying procedures, all our vehicles are independently checked and verified by Experian, HPI and The National Mileage Register, making your concerns a thing of the past.

Test Your Approved Used Knowledge
Hopefully we've surprised you with our outstanding Approved Used processes. You can now browse, shortlist and buy online from our Online Showroom:
You've got a great knowledge of our Approved Used process, but hopefully you might have learned a couple of things. You can now browse, shortlist and buy online from our Online Showroom:
Congratulations, you know exactly how good an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz can be. Browse through our Online Showroom and find your perfect match:

Visit our Approved Used sale page to learn more our fantastic range of used vehicles. 

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