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The future vision of the smart EQ fortwo

With the smart EQ already here, the vision of the smart EQ fortwo is upon us.

Smart EQ is the perfect electric car for the city. It is 100% electric and 100% urban. It offers all the familiar benefits from smart. Plus new cutting-edge connected-car technologies and full access to our innovative digital services. But what does the vision hold?

In tomorrow’s world we look at cars to be shared and one to always be available when we need it; meaning less ownership and more freedom.

With space in cities at a premium, we want to reduce unnecessary traffic and give urban life back to the people.

How can we make urban mobility intelligent, efficient and sustainable? The smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle provides an answer to the questions of tomorrow’s mobility.

smart EQ fortwo concept car interior

The car will become autonomous: It picks you up autonomously, takes you where you want to go, and is then ready again for the next passenger.

Mobility becomes electric: With its electric powertrain, the smart vision EQ fortwo is locally emission-free. The vehicle independently recharges its battery at wireless charging stations spread out across the Country.

Traffic becomes intelligent: The vehicles move about the city fully autonomously and interconnected, and always keep learning.

Sharing becomes more convenient than ever: You don’t need to find an unoccupied car – the car finds you.

Every vehicle becomes yours: The interface between the vehicle and you is your personal mobile device.

smart fortwo EQ concept car detail

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