AntiBac Deep Clean

The Health Benefits of an Antibacterial Deep Clean for your Air Con

When thinking of an air conditioning system in your car, keeping you and your car cool during the hot summer months will likely be the first thing to come to mind. But there are a number of reasons as to why cleaning and maintaining your air conditioning system all-year round can be beneficial to your health when the time comes to switching it on.

Bacteria, germs and mould require some key conditions to develop and grow, such as a warm environment that is prone to moisture. So it’s no wonder that a car’s air conditioning system is the number one target.

What many drivers aren’t aware of is that bacteria is prone to taking shape throughout the winter months, and then building up as we enter into the warmer spring months. This means that by the time summer comes around, when we switch on our air conditioning system all the bacteria that’s been building up for months is released into your car.

Air Con

Giving your air conditioning system an antibacterial deep clean, is not only be beneficial for those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues, but also helps you to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and more efficiently. This is why servicing your air conditioning system all year round, especially during the winter months, is not only beneficial to your health but also in making sure your car’s interior compartments are free from harmful bacteria.

If only your pollen filter is replaced during the service then this will leave behind dirt, particles and micro-organisms in the system. At Mercedes-Benz South West, our expert teams can undergo an antibacterial deep clean of your car’s pollen filter box, a high pressure flush of the evaporator, and an antibacterial cleanse of your car’s air ducts.

This is only a process that has to be done once a year, but knowing how and when to get this done could help you and your car stay healthy and bacteria free for longer.

The products used by our knowledgeable service team are natural and allergy-friendly. Enquire today about booking your Mercedes-Benz in for an antibacterial deep clean at your nearest dealership.