The S-Class – Automotive Luxury

The S-Class is a leader in luxury encompassing comfort, style and impressive technology making it an icon amongst the Mercedes-Benz range. A symbol of status, the new S-Class received a facelift at the end of 2020 securing this saloon its place at the top of its league.

Perfect Proportions for a Classical Appearance

With a short front overhang, a long wheelbase and a balanced rear overhang, the S-Class is designed as a classical saloon with perfect proportions. Other unmistakable exterior features include the stretched bonnet, the upright front end with the mounted star, the long passenger cell and the flowing C-pillar with its sculptured shoulder. The claim of the S-Class to high status is indicated by the excellent prestige measurement, i.e. the distance from the front axle to the windscreen. The wide track and flush-mounted wheels with modern designs give the vehicle a muscular look.

Cleverly contoured surfaces with a sculptured look create special light effects thanks to the reduced character lines along the side. Chrome elements stylishly positioned by the designers further embellish the S-Class and accentuate its length.

The front section impresses with its high-status radiator grille. The numerous sensors and cameras of the assistance systems are attractively and symmetrically integrated into the design, and deliberately accentuated as high-tech elements.

The headlamps characterise the front aspect of the car. They have the three-point daytime driving light signature that is typical of the S-Class, but this is flatter and somewhat smaller overall. The new light system DIGITAL LIGHT (see separate chapter) is available as an optional alternative to the standard MULTIBEAM LED headlamps. This headlamp has a distinctive look, and is distinguished by e.g. the blue light of its floor facing.

Flush-fitted door handles (optional) and sophisticated wheel designs (size 18 to 21 inches) accentuate the side aspect. The dynamic appearance of the car is continued at the rear. Details such as the two visible exhaust tailpipes contribute to an unmistakable appearance that is typical of a Mercedes-Benz. They are accompanied by the surprising design of the boot lid in combination with the progressive, two-section rear lights. The chrome strip at the upper edge of the rear lights accentuate the width of the rear.

Thanks to precisely designed, highly detailed interior features and certain animated functions, the rear lights contribute to the impression of high quality.

A Digital-Analogue Revolution

The S-Class has always been a place for comfortable travel and relaxed working. With the new generation, the interior has fully evolved into a “third place”, a space between home and workplace.

The desired harmony between digital and analogue luxury results in a revolutionary interior design, including associations with interior architecture and yacht design elements. The sculptured look of the dashboard, centre console and armrests appears to float above an expansive interior landscape. The systematic reduction in the number of controls underscores the minimalist appearance of the interior. A fine divide between the upper section of the dashboard and the large trim element structures the area and creates horizontal breadth.

Alongside up to five screens, the highlights include the large areas of trim in the dashboard and in the rear (in the Comfort Seat variant). These flow around the passengers and are a systematic further development of the wrap-around effect. One particularly attractive version of the trim is an open-pored wood veneer shot through with inlays of real aluminium that follow the contours. New design elements include the flat, four-square centre vents with horizontal nacelles. Two slim, vertical side vents on each side round off the ends of the dashboard.

Outstanding Comfort

The seats literally invite the occupants to sit down and relax. The flowing, three-dimensional layer design theme gives an impression of lightness. Different finishes give the seats different characters. For example, the flowing longitudinal piping of Lugano leather lends them a noble, avantgarde look, while the progressive diamond pattern of nappa leather and Exclusive nappa leather is more classical and expressive.

Ten different massage programmes are available in the new S-Class. These use the vibration motors, and can enhance the effect of a relaxing massage with warmth on the hot-stone principle. To this end, the seat heating is combined with the inflatable air chambers in the active multicontour seats. The air chambers are now closer to the seat surface, and are therefore even easier to control and feel.

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