EQA Electric Range

Tips for Boosting Your Electric Vehicle’s Range

The Mercedes-EQ portfolio includes vehicles with electric range that will easily get you to and from your destination. The Mercedes EQA has a range of up to 263 miles of pure electric power.

Still range anxiety is always a concern when taking a longer journey and not knowing where your next charge point might be can make your journey more stressful than it needs to be. We have put together our top tips for maximising your electric vehicle’s range when on the go.

Go steady on the accelerator

The more energy you consume speeding or being heavy on the pedal is only going to decrease your range quicker. Gently pulling away and driving slower (to an extent) will get you further and keep your energy consumption lower.

Braking Intelligence

Regenerative braking means that energy you are using to slow your vehicle down is being pushed back into your electric vehicle’s battery rather than being wasted as heat in a vehicle with a combustion engine.

Climate Control

Whether it’s a hot summer’s day and you have the air con blasting or the weather has taken a turn and you’re taking advantage of the heated seats, the range of your electric vehicle is going to take a knock.  Understandably, sometimes having these options available are an absolute must to ensure a comfortable drive, but it’s best to keep in mind that every time you use these in your electric vehicle, you range will use more energy.

Lose the Load!

Those extra shoes, bottles of screen wash and charging cables you’re carrying around in our boot in your boot – just in case – are dragging you down. They’re also reducing your range quicker than it needs to. So it’s best to just take the necessities out on the road with you and not lug around what isn’t needed.

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