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Unique and unusual Mercedes-Benz

What vehicles make your head turn? We’ve taken a look round to find Mercedes-Benz vehicles that stand out from the rest; boasting different colours, interior features and exterior highlights to those you’d usually find when browsing a dealership forecourt.

E-class All-Terrain

In the last couple of years Mercedes development engineer Jürgen Eberle created the E-class All-Terrain 4×42. This was a one-off creation and therefore this vehicle isn’t on sale. However, it’s raised wheel profile and off road technology mean it can take on steep hills, deep water, and tackles extremely bumpy roads with ease.

G63 6X6

When you think of a G-Wagon you think of luxury and something unique. How about adding another 2 wheels? Here is the G63 AMG 6X6. From the front it looks like a normal G-Wagon but from the side it definitely stands out as different.

680 S Torpedo-Sport Avant-Garde

Next we came across this 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680 S Torpedo-Sport Avant-Garde. This vehicle made it into our unusual list for its interior; its bold wood-rimmed steering wheel, a disappearing convertible top and intricate wood features.

EQC wrap

Recently we wrapped one of our upcoming models in a camouflage print to promote our EQ range. The wrap really makes it stand out and, with only a handful created, it’s not something you would see driving down the road every day.

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Image credit: motor1.com, dailystar.co.uk