Approved Used Multi-Point Check

Used, but not what you’re used to!

Our Used Car Experts here at Mercedes-Benz South West acknowledge the potential apprehension individuals have when deciding between new or used. What is the better investment? What’s included? What can you expect in terms of quality when buying second hand?

Our comprehensive Approved Used acquisition programme exists for this very reason: to guarantee the quality and customer satisfaction you would normally associate with buying a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Reinforced by our Assurance Programme post sale, we have many procedures in place to ensure that only the best used Mercedes-Benz cars make it on to Mercedes-Benz South West forecourts.

Approved Used at Mercedes-Benz South West

Each case is different, but one of the most frequent means by which a used car becomes available to us is when a customer hands back their vehicle at the end of a finance agreement. Vehicle mileage is closely monitored under the terms of a standard finance contract and a full service history will have to be maintained by the owner. Any necessary works will have to have been completed at an official Mercedes-Benz dealership and using Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Not only certifying that the vehicle is running in optimum condition, but also allowing us to keep an accurate history of the vehicle in question.

The selection process is different in instances where the vehicle is obtained from sources outside of our direct network. You can read more about this here.

In any case, before any of our used cars are released for sale, they undergo a stringent and comprehensive health check on site by one of our Mercedes-Benz certified technicians. This check provides the opportunity for us to assess the standard of the vehicle and to determine whether any necessary works will push the resale value beyond the market average.

Overview: Used Vehicle Checks

Depending on the make and model, this comprehensive multi-point checklist can comprise of up to 229 different examinations on cars over a year old.

The technician will start by determining whether all lighting systems are in working order. This includes number plate lights, parking lights and fog lights. Moving to inside the car, the condition of the upholstery, trim and roof seals are checked. All internal operations are tested, including the infotainment system, and we ensure the appropriate emergency equipment is present (tool kit, first aid kit, locking wheel nut and emergency tyre kit).

Our exterior checks assess the condition of the car and highlight any damage to glass or paintwork. We then regulate the functionality of all external features; even smaller components such as the fuel cap or tow bar (when fitted) are not overlooked.

Mercedes-Benz Certified Technician.

Perhaps of most concern to potential buyers, though, is the time spent both under the bonnet and assessing the underside of the car. Our comprehensive checks are inclusive of the air and fluid hoses, the battery, drive shafts, suspension bushing, steering rack, exhaust system and shock absorbers, amongst much more. We ensure all fluid and oil levels are correct, check the condition of the fluid itself where appropriate and check for leaks, corrosion and wear. We also assess brake pads, discs and hoses, the parking brake, wheel bearings and the wheels themselves.

Finally, road tests allow us to monitor elements including exhaust noise, speedometer accuracy, clutch operation and traction control.

To ensure we only choose the very best quality Mercedes-Benz vehicles and in order to guarantee we are able to offer a competitive resale value, all of these elements, costs, and considerations are taken into account before we invest in the vehicle. Only when it meets our stringent criteria will it achieve the Approved Used accolade worthy of the 3 pointed star.

To view our full Approved Used stock list online, you can utilise our Car Locator.

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