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Keep moving with a Vehicle Health Check.

A vehicle health check is a free 32-point procedure carried out by our expert technicians to ensure the safety and integrity of every vehicle that comes into our workshop.

The check is designed to specifically target those components that are prone to wear and tear. It therefore highlights not only the areas that could lead to a breakdown but also more minor faults that could be impacting the performance and enjoyment of your Mercedes-Benz.

Our technicians complete this safety check for every workshop appointment, irrespective of the work being undertaken on the vehicle. This is in order for us to fulfil our obligation to keep our customers safe. However, while we are committed to communicating any problem areas with the owner, they are under no obligation to complete any work with us, or indeed at all.

What does a Vehicle Health Check include?

The technician will first check that all lights are functioning correctly and that the windscreen clears properly when using its wipers.

Under the bonnet, vehicle fluid levels are checked as well as the engine itself; monitoring for any leakages or displacement. The engine is also monitored for noise and smoke while running. The clutch and transmission system are tested for optimum functionality as are the condition of the battery and the alternator belt.

Once the vehicle is raised on the ramp, the condition of the brake discs and pads are checked as well as the suspension, wheel bearings and the health of all tyres. Underneath, the technician will look over the under tray covers, highlighting any leaks or breaks. He or she will then examine the exhaust system and ensure it is securely attached.

Visual Health Check

Find an issue, before it becomes an issue.

The findings of a vehicle health check are detailed in a report which is issued to the owner when they collect their vehicle. A traffic light system will highlight what, if any, repairs are recommended. Red will show components that require urgent attention, amber will indicate those areas that need to be monitored and green will be used for components that are in good condition.

Alongside this report, a video will be sent directly to the customer via email and shows footage captured by the technician as he or she examined the vehicle. This allows the customer to see any issues for themselves, listen to the technician’s recommendations and therefore make a fully-informed decision about whether or not to have work carried out.

See an example of a vehicle health check video here. 

Care between major appointments.

Although they are completed as standard when you visit our workshop, Mercedes-Benz owners can request a free vehicle health check at any time. Whether there is something of concern or you just want peace of mind that your Mercedes-Benz running at its best, our teams will be delighted to provide their expert advice.

Book your Vehicle Health Check by calling our central booking team on 01392 825045.

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