driving dynamism

What is Driving Dynamism?

As a Mercedes-Benz owner or someone with an interest in the performance vehicle sector, ‘driving dynamism’ is a term you’ll probably be familiar with. It’s used to describe the dynamics of how a vehicle reacts to specific driver inputs to deliver maximum control, comfort and driving pleasure. Although the term is used throughout the industry, at Mercedes-Benz, it’s something we take very seriously. Our vehicles feature a range of technologies that provide the power and brains to shift the boundaries and deliver highly dynamic driving characteristics.

But just what are those technologies, and in real terms, what difference do they make to your driving experience?

4MATIC Technology

4MATIC technology is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system that delivers torque through all four wheels. Like any AWD system, it provides greater power and control in harsh driving conditions. However, 4MATIC technology goes much further than that. It automatically assesses each wheel in isolation and supplies torque according to the demands of each to make the most of the available traction. For the driver, that boosts control, safety and receptiveness in all road conditions, as well as offering superior handling.


Power delivery, handling and sound are the core elements of the AMG driving experience. Traditionally, every Mercedes-Benz AMG engine is assembled by hand according to the ‘One Man, One Engine’ philosophy. As well as hand-assembled engines, AMG models also feature high-performing exhaust systems that deliver a signature sound, carefully developed aerodynamics, SpeedShift transmissions and superior brakes and suspension. The result is the highest level of power, braking and handling and the most dynamic driving experience.

Dynamic Select: Eco, Sport, Comfort & Individual

Sometimes a single transmission option is not enough. The Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Select system allows the driver to change aspects of the vehicle’s set up at the touch of a button. That includes engine performance, suspension and damping, transmission mode and handing. You can choose from fixed settings, such as ‘Eco’ for economical driving, ‘Comfort’ for the smoothest possible ride and ‘Sport’ for increased control at speed; or you can mix and match the features using the ‘Individual’ setting. That gives you the freedom to create the exact driving experience you crave.

A-class driving on right hand side of road


Mercedes-Benz vehicles feature meticulously developed aerodynamics that both minimise drag and produce natural lift at speed. The body components are designed to produce high-speed stability, with AMG vehicles featuring optimised front and rear aprons as well as side ground effects to enhance vehicle control, handling and precision.

Intelligent Drive

Safety is paramount to the overall driving experience. Intelligent Drive is a group of innovative safety features that are unique to Mercedes-Benz. It includes ‘active lane keeping assist’, ‘active blind spot assist’, ‘collision prevention assist’ and more. Almost every vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz line up comes with a combination of these features to give drivers the confidence to trust their instincts and follow the road wherever it takes them.

AIRMATIC Suspension

AIRMATIC suspension combines handling stability with first-class comfort to deliver the smoothest possible ride. The system adapts the suspension to the prevailing conditions by adjusting the damping of each wheel depending on the road condition and the current driving situation. This process occurs instantaneously to raise the ride height on poor roads and lower the ride height at high speeds to minimise drag.

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