Working at Mercedes-Benz

Working At Mercedes-Benz South West

Here at Mercedes-Benz South West we’re always looking to grow and improve. As a result, new opportunities and roles become available for the right people to join our team. We may be a little biased, but Mercedes-Benz South West really is a brilliant place to work.

To celebrate this, we wanted to share some of the journeys certain staff members have experienced during their time here, giving you a taste of what to expect when joining the team.

How many job roles have you had at Mercedes-Benz South West? Give us a snippet of your journey.

Ellie Fowler, Digital Sales Executive (EF): 4 roles currently! I started as a host in Customer Services. I then moved into complaint handling, went onto then Lost Sales (and any other reporting my manager could find for me!) and now I’m part of the Exeter Sales team.

Samuel Knight, LCV Service and Prep Centre Manager (SK): 5 in total. To sum up, I have been both a Service Team Manager and a Service Manager for numerous teams working with both Passenger Cars and LCV’s, across various locations including Exeter, Exeter LCV Centre, and Taunton.

Emily Coates, Continuous Improvement Specialist (EC): Throughout my 6 years at Mercedes-Benz South West I have had 6 different roles for both Exeter and the Group. These include, Temporary Receptionist, Part-Time Receptionist, Host, Group Host Coordinator, Group Customer Experience Coordinator, and Continuous Improvement Specialist.

Jack Perkins, Used Car Controller (JP): I started at Mercedes-Benz South West in 2014 as a Sales Executive before being promoted in 2017 to Transaction Manager. I was a Transaction Manager up until April 2021 when I was then promoted again and I am now a Used Car Controller at our Plymouth dealership.

What development opportunities have you had at Mercedes-Benz South West?

EF: As you can see from how many roles I’ve had, there have always been opportunities for me to improve my skills and develop through the business.

SK: Massive amount of opportunities. Within my time here, I have become C-Service Accredited and C-Management Accredited.

EC: If you take the initiative and demonstrate through hard work that you are willing to progress, MBSW will reward you with training and career development opportunities. Throughout my time here, I have always been asked if I am challenged enough, and when I reach the end of the path I am on there is always room for discussions about where I could go next.

JP: Mercedes-Benz South West offer a wide range of development opportunities to everyone they employ. You certainly feel there is opportunity to progress.

How do you feel about the support and training you have received?

EF: I’ve always been very grateful for the support I’ve had. I was approached about the sales role which showed me that my efforts in Customer Service were recognised by other managers in the business and they were prepared to support me in a sales environment, which I had no experience of previously.

SK: The support from the senior managers & directors has been hugely influential in how I have developed. The training at Mercedes-Benz South West has been excellent and has no doubt helped me learn more.

EC: I have never been lacking in support or training. Help has always been there when I need it.

JP: The support and training you receive from Mercedes-Benz South West gives you the platform to progress within the company, which is all you can really ask for.

Why do you love working for Mercedes-Benz South West?

EF: The people really make it. There’s always someone offering to help you move some cars, put a cover on a handover, or even just make you a cup of tea!

SK: It’s a fantastic, dynamic, forward thinking business who support and nurture staff. The family feel and ability to adapt in difficult market situations is a wonderful example of a progressive company.

EC: I get to deal with so many different facets of the business, which keeps things exciting and engaging. It has always been interesting to me to understand how the various components of the business pull together, or indeed identify the areas which we could actually improve upon. Not only do I get to work with all departments, I also get to visit all sites and interact with everyone from technicians and the front of house team to the directors.

JP: I love working for Mercedes-Benz South West because it gives you the opportunity to learn, progress and develop as an individual.

With a wide range of vacancies available, your next opportunity could be waiting for you at Mercedes-Benz South West. If you are interested in joining the team, visit our careers page to browse our current vacancies.

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