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Exploring the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53

18 May 2023

Mercedes-EQ is the electric car brand for Mercedes-Benz, and incorporates our electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles. The EQ brand emphasises the innovative technology and convenient services that come with the exclusively luxurious vehicles to enhance your overall ownership experience.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is redefining this segment as the first all-electric luxury saloon EQ vehicle, based on the modular architecture for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles. 


The Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ opens the door to the extremely exciting future of AMG Driving Performance.

The exterior design is very similar to its Mercedes-Benz counterpart. The EQS 53 shares the AMG DNA styling, with the AMG-specific radiator grille with hot-stamped vertical struts in chrome on a black panel. The muscular rear design with the spoiler lip and 21-inch light-alloy wheels come as standard on the Night Edition. These features aren’t just for show; the spoiler lip is an important aerodynamic feature to reduce lift of the rear axle and support neutral handling at high speeds. Finally, the brake system has the infamous painted red callipers, confirming its identification as an AMG.


The interior follows the same AMG DNA, as the driver wraps their hands around the AMG Performance steering wheel with the latest twin-spoke design and touch-control buttons with haptic feedback. Even the grip area has perforated Nappa leather – an AMG touch. From here, you can also access the Dynamic Select options and driving selections.

The new MBUX Hyperscreen – installed for the first time in an AMG here – has an elegant and modern design, providing functionality with ease of access. All three screens, including the driver’s instrument cluster, the central OLED display and the passenger OLED display, are  combined under one 55.5 inch glass piece. This is the largest screen display in a Mercedes-Benz to date, described by the company themselves as an example of digital and analogue fusion.

Furthermore, the sports seats, finished in Neva Grey Nappa leather, encapsulate the synchronisation of sportiness and luxury present in every AMG. The finishing touches of the Active Ambient Lighting, running all the way around the Hyperscreen and surrounding analogue air vents, work in sync with the Burmester 3D Surround Sound System and the Air Balance Package with Energising Air Control Plus. You can even set the colour combinations and scents to match your mood; it looks good, and it feels good. The overall feel of the cabin is harmonious, modern and exciting.

The rear passengers can also take advantage of this ambience with the Rear Luxury Lounge Package, complete with the mini-MBUX touch screen in the centre armrest. Whether you are driving yourself or being driven, you’ll be experiencing absolute indulgence. All of this is wrapped up in a practical body, with room for up to four passengers and a luggage capacity of 610 litres with the rear seats up, with a massive 1,770 litres when the rear seats are down.


As with any Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-AMG, we have the usual abundance of the latest safety features available via the Driving Assistance Plus Package, an intelligently connected sensor system. It can warn the driver of any potential collision, and even intervene if necessary. The driving information is conveniently shown in the Heads Up Display screen. The combination of the Heads Up Display and latest generation of MBUX technology packs in the driving information in a clear and concise manner, so as not to distract the driver.


From a performance point of view, there’s no large V8 or V12 combustion engine sitting under the hood. Instead, the EQS 53 has an asynchronous lithium-ion high-voltage battery with a power output of 484 kW. That’s 650hp: double the power output of the EQS 450+. It provides direct and substantial performance, allowing the hefty frame to reach 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds and hitting a top speed of 137mph. The EQS 53 can provide a range of up to 453 miles on a single charge, and has an approximate rapid charging time of 31 minutes up to 80%.

The performance aspect that differs from the previous AMGs is the paddle shift on the multifunctional steering wheel, which adjusts your recuperation level as opposed to changing gears. Our plug-in EVs use a very intelligent recuperation system, which uses kinetic energy from coasting or braking to charge the high-voltage system. This is known as electromechanical recuperation. The system anticipates required braking force and applies it accordingly, which is why you may often feel the car slowing down automatically when you are behind other traffic. With the paddle shift, the driver can control this themselves.


If you’re worried about the sound of this new electrifying performance car – or lack thereof– the new AMG Sound Experience provides you with an acoustic backdrop to replicate that mistakable AMG sound, which we touched upon in our AMG GT 63 S e-Performance review.


The Central Powertrain Controller in the EQS operates the eDrive system, Charging system and 12V interior system, to ensure the energy stored in the lithium-ion battery is used efficiently. This also means that your EQS is constantly feeding back information to the driver, to ensure that you always reach your destination efficiently.

The battery will precondition itself ahead of charging, for maximum charging speed, ahead of stopping to charge. It does so by using Navigation with Electric Intelligence to asses exactly when the driver will need to stop to charge, and starts pre-heating the battery accordingly.

While you are charging, you can check your charging status via the Mercedes Me app, as well as the MBUX. For convenience, you can also pre-heat the interior during charging, so your cabin is warm and comfortable before your journey.

Official range and charging times can be affected by various factors, such as driving habits, ambient temperatures (internally and externally) and terrain and topography. However, to really assess whether a Mercedes-EQ is right for you, I would thoroughly recommend downloading the Mercedes-Benz Electric Ready app, which works whilst you’re driving your current car to assess both your driving style and lifestyle. The app will intelligently be able to analyse these factors to confirm whether or not an EQ is right for you.

With Mercedes-Benz Charge, you also have access to IONITY charging stations across 24 European countries.

Customer testimonial

One of our customer recently got in touch with us to reflect upon the ownership of their new EQS, particularly in terms of mileage range. 

“We have noticed over the past few weeks that the battery range is starting to pick up a bit and we are now getting 340 – 350 miles range when fully charged.

Our main driver and I have also started to learn a lot more about how to get the best range out of the car by making small changes to our driving style, and this has made quite the difference. As a rule of thumb I will now always put the car in Eco mode and change the battery recuperation over to intelligent mode.

I gave the car a good run up to Norwich and back (a total of 600 miles) and only needed to charge once on the way up and again on the way back. Luckily I was able to find and use rapid chargers on both occasions and had no problem locating these via the satnav on route. The charging infrastructure is starting to improve.

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