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A momentous plate change for smart

03 Jul 2019
A plate change is the biannual highlight in the car sales world. Twice a year, new registration plates are released and this September marks a momentous occasion for smart, as the brand’s first fully electric plate change. As one of the only car manufacturers to move to a fully electric range, we are again highlighting our commitment to innovation. The smart EQ range offers all of the fun, dynamism and agility of smart but now with the added impact of zero emissions. smart plate change

Government benefits

All smart EQ fortwo and forfour models are exempt from road tax. You will also qualify for the OLEV government grant, which offers £3,500 off the cost of your vehicle. Many businesses offer free or subsidised parking with charge points for their customers, another fantastic bonus of owning a smart electric vehicle.

Reduced running costs

Electric drive vehicles don’t just benefit the planet. They will also dramatically lower the running costs of your car. An EQ smart can achieve up to 70 miles on a full charge of a 17.6 kw battery. The cost per kwh is around 15 pence, which (based on an annual mileage of 7,000 miles) could save you up to £728.40 per year compared to a traditional petrol engine. ChargeMaster offer charging at £1.70 per full charge, or a monthly subscription for just £7.85 per month for unlimited usage at any of their charge points. smart plate change-charge

EQ Ready app

Electric vehicles signify the biggest change to motoring since the industry’s inception, however a few subtle habit changes are all you need to get the benefits of electric drive. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge, the EQ Ready app might hold the answer. The app tracks your journeys, shows you available charge points and allows you to enter your most frequent journeys to estimate the charge usage. Download now on the App Store or Google Play.

The 69 registration smart cars will be making history as the brand's first all-electric plate change. Explore the smart EQ range or book a test drive today.

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