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Which body style is right for me?

31 May 2017
From the SUV to the Hatchback, the Coupé to the Convertible, there is a body type out there to suit every taste and practicality. With each offering slightly different qualities, it can be hard to know which option best suits your requirements. To determine which one best suits which function/s, we have compared the design conventions of the six leading body styles within the Mercedes-Benz range.

The Hatchback.

HatchbackHatchback suitability The hatchback is distinguishable by the fact that both the boot lid and rear windscreen open as one unit. This means the whole rear end of the car opens up into the boot, providing greater accessibility. Due to its practicality, versatility and size, the hatchback is firmly the UK's most popular body style. View the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The Saloon.

SaloonSaloon suitability By contrast, the Saloon is identifiable because the boot is totally separate from the passenger compartment. A longer wheelbase lends itself to a roomy interior and therefore provides greater comfort over long-distances. This, combined with a larger boot capacity, explains why the Saloon is the body type most commonly chosen within the executive market. View the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon.

The Estate.

EstateEstate suitability While the boot of an Estate car is also separate from the passenger compartment, it opens up fully like a Hatchback. The extra space offered by the Estate lends itself to greater versatility. Its squarer, fuller load area allows better access to the boot. Its longer, flatter roof is also preferable for those looking to utilise all available carrying space. View the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate.

The Coupé.

Coupe  Convertible and Coupé suitability Recognisable by its lower seating position and streamlined roofline, the coupé represents a sportier alternative. While the Coupés distinguished style has conventionally been considered to come at the expense of rear headroom, modern models offer both practicality and sleekness. View the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé.

The SUV.

SUVSUV suitability. A sports utility vehicle sits higher off the ground and is conventionally more rugged in style. They are generally larger in order to account for greater cargo capacity and, where applicable, more passengers. Improved driving capabilities when facing more difficult terrain could once come at the detriment of comfort. However, modern SUVs continue to exceed expectations off-road as well as offering a refined driving experience on motorways and around town. If space and versatility are your absolute priorities, an SUV is sure to be the option for you. View the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

The Cabriolet.

Cabriolet Convertible suitability Arguably the body style that is easiest to define, the Cabriolet refers to models with a retractable roof. Because its roof position is interchangeable while on the move, the Cabriolet is the body type best suited to those hoping to get the best out of the British sunshine. Available with both soft and hard tops and in two or four seater variants, it is frequently the sportiest cars that fall within this segment. View the Mercedes-Benz SLC.
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