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What to do at the end of your contract

20 Sep 2021
There is a lot to consider when coming to the end of your contract on your vehicle. There are several options and we are here to help decide which will be the best for you. [embed][/embed]

Buy your vehicle

If you love your car and would like to keep it you can opt to purchase the vehicle for a balloon payment. This payment takes whatever you have paid through the term of your agreement into account, and leaves a final balance to be paid. This amount is also known as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value, which will be on the paperwork from your original quote.

Hand back the car

You can opt to hand back your car at the end of your contract. Our friendly team will do a check of your vehicle as part of an End of Contract Review to check whether there are any Over-Mileage or Damage Charges to be applied.

Get a new car

You may decide that now is the time for you to drive away in a brand new Mercedes-Benz. You might be able to use the equity in your current vehicle to use against the deposit of a brand new car, which our team will discuss with you. Explore our model range to find the right one for you. Contact your local dealership to organise an End of Contract Review with our knowledgeable team, and decide your next steps.
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