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Here's why an ex-demonstrator could save you money

29 Mar 2024

An ex-demonstrator is a car that was once used for test drives at a dealership but has now been placed on sale. Demonstrators are essential for car dealerships in order to keep their showrooms full with the newest models and to provide available options for customer test drives. When sold on, they offer the buyer a practically new, showroom-condition car at a fraction of the price.

Too good to be true?

The savings accrued by ex-demonstrator cars are in light of the fact they will already have had one registered owner: the dealership. The resale price is therefore considerably reduced to reflect this, but an ex-demonstrator is exempt from many of the perceived disadvantages of buying a used car.

Top of the range

By their very nature, demonstrator cars are the cream of the crop - they are designed to tempt showroom visitors into a purchase and to show off the very latest and best model specifications. Because of the frequency of model releases and updates, demonstrator cars only have a limited display life and, for this reason, ex-demonstrator cars are also likely to be less than twelve months old when they go on sale. Their relative youth means that ex-demonstrator cars are likely to have most of their three-year manufacturer warranty intact.

As existing models, the purchase of an ex-demonstrator car isn't tainted by the long lead times sometimes associated with buying a new one. They are likely to be in stock and ready to drive away. However, the downside is that you will not be able to configure your model exactly to your tastes as you would with a new car.

Showroom Condition

Although some demonstrators won't have travelled any further than the forecourt, many will have been used for customer test drives. This will mean that ex-demonstrator cars may have more mileage on the clock than regular pre-registered cars. However, this will still amount to considerably less than a conventional car of the same age and will only very rarely exceed five thousand miles. Whatever the mileage is, it will be reflected in the sale price of the car. You can also be reassured that an ex-demonstrator will have been maintained to the very highest standards. The retailer will have been careful to keep their demonstrator cars in showroom condition and any nicks and scrapes obtained while out on the road will quickly be repaired. Not only will this maintain the car's value but also the integrity of the brand. Demonstrator cars are presented as the face of a dealership: they are central to a person's first and lasting impression of the brand and it is therefore in the dealership's interest to keep them looking and working at their best.

What are the savings?

If you don't mind being the second registered owner and perusing an existing stock list rather than building your own, an ex-demonstrator car can offer you considerable savings and unbeatable value for money.

Contact your local dealership in Exeter, Plymouth, Taunton or Truro to find our about their available ex-demonstrator vehicles, or take a look at our used car search.

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