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Meet the Team: Christian Constantine, General Manager

19 Feb 2021
This month's Meet the Team installment takes us to Plymouth to meet Christian Constantine. Christian joined Mercedes-Benz South West as a Trainee Sales Executive in 2012, went on to become the Sales Manager and in April 2021 became General Manager at our Mercedes-Benz of Plymouth dealership. We find out what radio station you'll catch him listening to on his way to work and what he is most looking forward to this year. Tell us a bit about yourself Christian: Born in Plymouth, I’m definitely outnumbered at home at the moment – Married to Shelby and we have 2 little ladies - Maisie and Mollie (7 years and 6 months – The M&Ms). I’m a big football fan and, for my sins, I’m a Manchester Utd fan. I’m looking forward to getting back up to Old Trafford when fans are allowed back in! How long have you been working at Mercedes-Benz South West? 9 years this month! Time flies... Favourite Mercedes-Benz model? (old or new) S Class Coupe Most memorable day at work you’ve ever had? Most memorable would be when I was told I was going to be Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Plymouth Have you always been in the motor trade? What did you do before? I was a Ski Teacher in Switzerland for 6 years before I started in the trade. Favourite part of the job? Probably a cliché but working with the team everyday, they are a fantastic group – I am very lucky. What’s your favourite animal? Do you have any pets? I don’t have a favourite, but I do HATE snakes – I’m a bit of a baby when It comes to them! We have a 20 year old cat called Foggy (named after Carl Fogarty). Best holiday you’ve ever been on? Our honeymoon a couple of years ago to Mauritius, it’s an amazing place with amazing people. How many attempts did it take you to pass your driving test? Twice – I was genuinely robbed first time! Which radio station are you listening to when you drive? Talk Sport if it is just me, or whatever one of the girls decides they want to listen to if they are with me Favourite place to visit in the South West? Horn of Plenty near Tavistock is a great place to get away and stay (it’s where we got engaged!). Love going to the beaches in Cornwall too, Constantine Bay is a favourite – great name too! Favourite Film? Too many classics to pick Favourite Band/Artist? Coldplay – We went to see them a couple of times on their last tour – Fantastic, I would recommend to anyone! First concert you ever went to? Oasis at the Plymouth Pavilions Tipple of choice? A gin and tonic or a Peroni What would be your Karaoke song? It would sound nothing like him – but something by Michael Bublé If the world ends tomorrow, what would you choose as your last meal? Fillet Steak with all the bits What’s at the top of your bucket list? I am looking forward to taking the ladies skiing as they have never been. What are you most looking forward to this year? Fingers crossed – the end of this pandemic and getting some normality, being able to see friends and family properly. Finally… Jam then cream, or cream then jam?  My mum was a true Cornish lady so jam then cream for me
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