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My smart: Carol's Testimonial

22 Jan 2021
In this new 'My smart' video series, we want to show you the faces behind our smart cars: our lovely customers! Here we hear from smart of Truro customer Carol who, having owned three petrol smarts, has now made the leap to electric. Read on and watch our video to learn more about Carol and how her smart EQ fortwo is now helping her to achieve a guilt-free drive!

What made you choose the electric smart?

The environment and the issues around that. I always felt guilt using the petrol car to meet up with friends for a run in various parts of Cornwall and having the electric smart has made me feel slightly guilt free now. Also, this is the fourth smart that I’ve had. I’ve two ordinary two doors and a four door and the one I’ve got now doesn’t have any lag when you come to a junction and you put your foot on the accelerator it goes straight away, which is much safer. So that’s my main reasons why I chose an electric smart.

How does it fit into your lifestyle?

That’s it, it fits into my lifestyle and also it appealed that I didn’t have to go to petrol stations anymore because sometimes you don’t come across one or they’re out of the way and you have to drive to fill up the car and you might not be going anywhere at that moment. Also, I like the idea of just coming home and just plugging my smart in and just leaving it to charge, that appeals. It fits into my lifestyle because most of my driving is local so I’m doing 3 – 5 miles out and back, so that fits in with me. Also I have to go to the care home to see my mother and parking is really really difficult so I can fit that car into little spaces that are not really spaces so that works well. The parking issue is really important to me because that’s what I do a lot of!

What’s been the biggest change to get used to?

There isn’t really anything different. It’s just all good. It’s very quiet and you can hear the radio better! The quiet takes a bit of getting used to and also when you reverse I check more that nothing’s behind me because I’m not making any noise!

Do you primarily charge at home or out and about?

I charge at home because I’m not working so it suits me if when I come home I just plug it in if it gets quite low down. But I don’t have to do that very often because of the low mileage that I do. It’s no trouble plugging it in, it just takes a few seconds to do. So yes, I do charge mostly at home. I haven’t actually even tried to do it out and about because I haven’t had the need to!

What were the biggest benefits of going electric for you?

I feel that I’m doing a good thing for the environment. When people are walking around on a road and I pass them I’m not polluting their lungs. Also the cost benefit, it’s a lot cheaper so that’s a big benefit. It’s comfortable to drive, which isn’t necessarily an electric thing.

What would you say to someone who’s considering buying an electric smart?

I would say it’s a good thing. You should go ahead and do it! Start an electric smart revolution. I would say it’s a good idea. I would say to be honest, because I’ve got relatives in Scotland, I wouldn’t try and use the car to get up to Scotland at the moment but that’s 532 miles door to door. But for the type of driving that I mostly do it’s an ideal option. Definitely.  
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